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DJ Speir Reviews Odd Mob's Remix of Hayden James' 'We Could Be Love'

In the ever-evolving world of electronic music, there are moments that truly stand out, and Odd Mob's remix of Hayden James' "We Could Be Love" is undoubtedly one of those moments. Hayden James, the multi-platinum Melbourne-born, LA-based producer/DJ, has joined forces with Brisbane-based producer/DJ Odd Mob to deliver an official remix that will undoubtedly set dancefloors ablaze worldwide.

Odd Mob's reinterpretation of "We Could Be Love" takes this euphoric house-pop original to a whole new level. The remix is a masterclass in transforming a bright and cheerful track into a moody, underground club hit. With deep rolling basslines and stuttering synths, Odd Mob has expertly infused a dark, hypnotic energy into the song, creating a sonic journey that is nothing short of mesmerizing.

What's striking about this remix is how seamlessly Odd Mob has managed to capture the essence of the original while infusing it with its unique touch. The pitched vocals, which were a highlight of the original, are surrounded by an intricate web of sound that transitions the track from its bright beginnings to a deep and immersive tech-house experience. It's a testament to Odd Mob's production prowess that they've maintained the spirit of the original while taking it in an entirely new direction.

Hayden James himself has expressed his admiration for Odd Mob's remix, stating, "I've been a fan of Aussie Odd Mob for a while, and I've never heard a DJ play more IDs in their sets!! This remix absolutely belts, and it's going to be a big moment in my sets for sure." High praise indeed, coming from a producer as accomplished as Hayden James.

Odd Mob's take on "We Could Be Love" is a perfect example of their versatility and talent. It's a testament to their ability to reinvent tracks and make them their own, all while keeping dancefloor energy at the forefront. This remix effortlessly straddles the line between the underground club scene and the melodic euphoria of the original track.

Both Hayden James and Odd Mob have made significant waves in the electronic music scene. Hayden James' track record, including platinum-certified hits like "Numb" and "Just Friends," has solidified his position as a frontrunner in Australian house music. Meanwhile, Odd Mob's meteoric rise, with tracks like "LEFT TO RIGHT" and a remake of Planet Funk's "Chase The Sun," has earned them recognition from industry heavyweights.

As we dive into 2023, Odd Mob is poised to reach new heights, with their remix of "We Could Be Love" serving as a prime example of their incredible talent. This track is set to be a fixture on dancefloors worldwide, earning its place in the playlists of DJs and fans alike.

In conclusion, Odd Mob's remix of Hayden James' "We Could Be Love" is a masterstroke of electronic music craftsmanship. It seamlessly bridges the gap between euphoric melodies and underground vibes, making it a must-listen for anyone craving a sonic journey that's both emotionally charged and dancefloor-ready. Prepare to be captivated by the dark hypnotic energy of this remix, and keep an ear out for it at Hayden James' upcoming tour dates—you won't want to miss this electrifying experience.

Stream Odd Mob's remix of "We Could Be Love" by Hayden James and AR/CO now and be prepared to lose yourself in its captivating soundscape.

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Hayden James Tour Dates

September 29 – The North Warehouse – Portland, OR

September 30 – Sky – Salt Lake City, UT

October 7 – Grapevine Gathering – Yarra Valley, VIC

October 8 – Grapevine Gathering – Mount Cotton, QLD

October 14 – Grapevine Gathering – Swan Valley, WA

October 27 – Red Rocks w/ Duke Dumont – Morrison, CO

October 29 – City Museum – St. Louis, MO

November 3 - Culture - Washington, DC

November 4 - Durham Fruit Company - Durham, NC

November 5 – Club Space – Miami, FL

November 9 – Hollywood Palladium – Los Angeles, CA

November 10 – Hollywood Palladium – Los Angeles, CA

November 11 – Hollywood Palladium – Los Angeles, CA

December 31 – PROPER NYE – San Diego, CA

January 1 – PROPER NYD – San Diego, CA

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