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Fees Charged by Speir Asset Management:

When considering the fee structure for moving and securing investments and funds via the blockchain through a platform like Speir Tokenize, we need to consider both the expenses borne by Speir Asset Management as well as the costs that might be passed onto the end user (i.e., the investor).

Fees Charged by Speir Asset Management:

Transaction Fees:

For every transaction executed on the blockchain, there's usually a network fee. Speir could either pass this fee directly to users or include a markup for management.

Tokenization Fees:

Converting traditional assets into tokenized form might incur a one-time fee, especially if the tokenization process is resource-intensive or requires specialized expertise.

Management Fees:

Annual fees are based on a percentage of the user's investment in the Speir Asset Market Fund, covering the ongoing management and operation of the fund.

Withdrawal or Redemption Fees:

Whenever an investor decides to exit or partially redeem their investment, there might be a fee to convert the tokens back into traditional assets.

Custodial Fees:

For securely storing the digital assets, especially if Speir employs third-party custodial services for enhanced security.

Smart Contract Execution Fees:

For actions involving smart contracts, such as automated dividend distribution or reinvestment.

Consultation or Advisory Fees:

For investors seeking personalized advice or bespoke investment strategies.

Fees Speir Asset Management Pays to Partner Providers:

Blockchain Network Fees:

For executing transactions on public blockchains, like Ethereum. These can vary based on network congestion.

Technology Licensing or Subscription Fees:

If Speir is utilizing third-party platforms, tools, or technologies (e.g., Speir Tokenize infrastructure), there might be associated licensing or subscription costs.

Custodial Service Fees:

If Speir employs a third-party custodial service to store the digital assets of their investors, there will be fees associated with this service.

Audit and Compliance Fees:

Regular audits of the blockchain transactions, smart contracts, and overall system to ensure transparency, security, and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Integration Fees:

Costs associated with integrating third-party systems, tools, or platforms with the Speir Tokenize platform.

Maintenance & Support Fees:

For ongoing technical support, updates, and maintenance provided by technology partners.

Legal & Regulatory Fees:

Consult with legal experts to ensure that the entire tokenization process, fund management, and any other associated activities are compliant with local and international regulations.

Cash Deposits 15%

It's essential for Speir Asset Management to strike a balance, ensuring that the fees charged to investors are competitive while covering the costs paid to partner providers. As the blockchain and tokenization ecosystem matures, some of these fees might decrease due to economies of scale and technological advancements. Proper research, monitoring, and periodic review of the fee structure will be necessary to stay competitive and ensure profitability.

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