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REZZMAU5 Unveils New Track "Infraliminal" on mau5trap

Electronic music powerhouses, deadmau5 and REZZ, have once again joined forces under their collaborative moniker, REZZMAU5. The duo has released their latest track, "Infraliminal," available as of October 13 on the renowned mau5trap label.

The relationship between these two artists runs deep, with deadmau5 being an early supporter of REZZ, releasing her initial EPs on his mau5trap label. Their mutual admiration was evident in their 2021 hit "Hypnocurrency" and their headline performance at Canada's Veld Music Festival this past summer.

"Infraliminal" is a testament to their combined genius, with beats reminiscent of deadmau5's 2012 classic "Superliminal." REZZ shared her enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, “'Superliminal' is my favorite deadmau5 track. It inspired me to delve into music production. We both added our unique touches to create 'Infraliminal.'"

About deadmau5:Joel Zimmerman, popularly known as deadmau5, stands as one of the most influential electronic music producers today. With hits like "Ghosts 'n' Stuff" and "Professional Griefers," he has garnered international acclaim. His social media boasts over 15 million followers, and his recent collaborations include tracks with The Neptunes, Kiesza, and Wolfgang Gartner. In 2022, deadmau5 collaborated with Kaskade to form Kx5, releasing the hit single “Escape” and their debut album in 2023. Apart from music, deadmau5 is also involved in the gaming venture PIXELYNX and the HD streaming platform StreamVoodoo.

About REZZ: Isabelle Rezazadeh, known as REZZ, is a Canadian DJ/producer who has made significant waves in the electronic music scene. With tens of millions of streams and accolades like The JUNO Award for Electronic Album of the Year in 2020, she continues to push boundaries. Her track "Someone Else" with Grabbitz has amassed over 36 million streams globally. In 2022, REZZ launched her label, HypnoVizion Records, which has quickly become a significant name in the electronic music world.

About mau5trap: Founded by deadmau5, mau5trap is an independent record label that has been at the forefront of electronic music for over a decade. Recognized as one of the "Top 50 Labels of the Decade" by Mixmag, mau5trap has been a launchpad for artists like Skrillex, REZZ, and Feed Me. The label is known for its diverse sound, from dark techno to electro, and continues to be a hub for emerging talents.


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