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This Is No Jew! This Is a Monster!

The time has come for all of you who read and view this to get off the sidelines and out of the stands, as spectators to a great and horrifying tragedy, and to enter the pitch, to battle for peace. We need you to take these and circulate them widely, to your friends and associates, but also to your leaders, to demand the actions that are specified herein. Peace is the personal responsibility of us all. We urge you to do your part, now, to demand an end to the slaughter and peace, through economic development, and mutual respect for the universal rights of all peoples.  

‘This Is No Jew! This Is a Monster!’

Nov. 11, 2023—That was how an Israeli reservist, an officer in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), who is also an American citizen, described the current Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin (Bibi) Netanyahu: “No Jew would knowingly order the death of women and children. This goes against everything that we are taught in the Jewish religion, which informs how we fight wars. We are not savages. Our soldiers would never shoot women and children, no matter who ordered them to do this. Yet, we have ordered our pilots and those who fire missiles and deploy drones to do just that. This a most terrible thing for the Jewish people and for the State of Israel. We are not Nazis. But it appears that we are led by a Nazi.”

This and other sources report that the Israeli military leadership, which has been ordered to conduct a war of extermination against Hamas in Gaza, is conflicted by these orders and the results that have been produced, where thousands of innocent women and children have been killed, and it is not clear and has not been reported how many Hamas fighters have also died. Some sources estimate that the ratio of innocent civilian deaths to Hamas may be as high as 100 to 1. If that is the case, then nearly the entire population of Gaza will have to be murdered to wipe out the estimated 20,000 Hamas fighters, Prof. Jeffrey Sachs said in a recent interview on Judge Andrew Napolitano’s Judging Freedom podcast.

But that or something close to it may be exactly what the monster Bibi intends, and for reasons he has not stated publicly. Sources report that Netanyahu wants to reduce the Palestinian population as he fears that eventually, its potential size would overwhelm Israel. If he could, said an Israeli analyst, he would expel all the Palestinians from their homeland, and annex all the seized territories. In negotiations with Palestinians and others concerning the two-state solution, Netanyahu has been steadfast against allowing any repatriation of the Palestinian diaspora, which is thought to number almost 14 million; the Palestinian Authority has insisted on this right, although the exact number could be negotiated.

Meanwhile, so-called population warriors, such as Lord Bertrand Russell, former General Alexander Haig, Henry A. Kissinger, and U.S. State Department officials who worked, for example on President Jimmy Carter’s Global 2000 Program, who seek radical reductions in targeted populations, have always targeted women, especially of child-bearing age, and children, as the fastest ways to achieve their ends. And population reduction on a global scale is in fact the policy of a clique of genocidal financial and other oligarchs, associated with the British Empire, such as the Synarchist Rothschild family, Mark Carney, former Governor of the Bank of England, and the World Economic Forum of Klaus Schawb, whose so-called Great Reset carbon reduction strategy is actually part of a plan to reduce the world's population to a “Golden billion,” from its current more than 8 billion, by any means necessary, including disease, famine, and war. The anti-Palestinian zealot Bibi merely is a pawn in their larger genocidal plans, which could trigger a nuclear war that would wipe Israel and his chosen people off the face of the planet.

A much more human and smarter Israeli, Abba Eben (1915-2002), the former Mayor of Jerusalem and Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations, once told an associate that the Anglo-Americans deploy Israel like a hand grenade to start some desired trouble or wars. “I for one, am tired of being a hand grenade,” he said. “There is no future in it.” He believed that Israel could learn to live in peace and joint prosperity with its Arab neighbors, including the Palestinians. His political heirs, including the late Israeli Prime Minister Yitzak Rabin sought to bring that about. Rabin in 1995 agreed with his former enemy, Palestine Liberation Organization leader Yasser Arafat, to work toward a two-state solution, because the time for killing had come to an end, and it was time for people to “change their axioms.”

With Yasser Arafat present, in a toast to President Clinton and Jordan's King Hussein at the conclusion of the negotiations on Middle East peace on July 25, 1995, Rabin said: “If I raise my toast, I will raise it for those who have the courage to change axioms, to overcome prejudices, to change realities; and those who make it possible to them—for you, Your Majesty [King Hussein of Jordan]; to you, President Clinton; to all those who believe and support and are ready to assist the continuation of peace in the region: L’Chaim. L’Chaim. [To life.]

Netanyahu, whose father was the biographer and apologist for the Zionist zealot Zeev Jabotinsky, who openly supported Adolf Hitler, has spent his entire life sabotaging the vision of Rabin. It is widely believed that Bibi, who called Rabin a traitor, caused the murder of Rabin by Zionist religious fanatics in 1995. Within 6 months of Rabin’s murder, Netanyahu was elected Prime Minister for the first time.

There is much to suggest that Bibi has directly orchestrated this latest round of slaughter, even, as some intelligence specialists believe, creating the circumstances that allowed Hamas’ Oct. 7 attack to succeed, as we have reported in this space, “Did Bibi, U.S. Allow the Hamas Attack? Oct. 25.

These sources state that had the Hamas attack not taken place when it did, pressure was building to force the massively corrupt Netanyahu to resign over his efforts to rip up the Israeli Constitution and eviscerate the Supreme Court. So, for the moment, his war of extermination of Hamas allows him to assume the mantle of a “war leader,” keeping him in power and out of jail. While Israeli opinion polls conducted prior to the Hamas attack, showed the population in favor of removing Netanyahu, recent polls with carefully massaged questions show Israelis in favor of the Gaza attack. Those numbers would flip decisively against Bibi if Israelis were asked if they favored a long occupation of Gaza, as Netanyahu has indicated is in the works.

The irony is that a potential solution to the crisis is at hand. Almost all it neighbors, both Arab and Iran, are now aligned with an emerging new economic order as centered around the BRICS (Brazil-Russia-India-China-South Africa) alliance, which is proposing large scale economic develop for the region. The key would be to bring Israel, and a forthcoming Palestinian state into this alignment. The BRICS nations are calling for a cease-fire; these nations have expressed a willingness to broker a peace agreement and to arrange the release of the hostages held by Hamas. The development policies they propose would resemble the Oasis Plan, first proposed by the late economist and statesmen Lyndon LaRouche to support an Israeli peace with its neighbors and is now once again being widely discussed. (It is available at: ) The U.S. and European nations, themselves battered by the losing NATO proxy war against Russia in Ukraine, would be hard pressed to not go along.

The problem is Netanyahu and his war hawk supporters in the British establishment and the Biden Administration, including President Joe Biden, who have used Netanyahu and his control over the Israeli government to cover for their own failed policies by starting a new war crisis in Southwest Asia.

Now, those same forces, including the Biden White House, suffer the international outrage caused by the Netanyahu bloodlust slaughter of the Palestinians. In response, they try to back off, slowly, and pretend that Netanyahu is some sort of "breakaway ally," whom they cannot control, while continuing to supply Israel with military aid, and maintain a force structure in the region which threatens Netanyahu’s adversaries in the Muslim world. Escalating worldwide demonstrations against Netanyahu’s continuing outrage against the Palestinians of Gaza, reinforces increasing attacks against him coming from all sides in Israel. In a Nov. 8 interview with Politico, former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert denounced Netanyahu, saying that he is in the midst of a nervous breakdown. “[Netanyahu] has shrunk. He’s destroyed emotionally…. Bibi has been working all his life on the false pretense that he is Mr. Security. He’s Mr. Bullshit. Every minute he is Prime Minister he is a danger to Israel. I seriously mean it. I am certain the Americans understand he is in bad shape.”

Key to any solution to this crisis, is to force Netanyahu out, put him in jail, and immediately halt the insane slaughter in Gaza. The global groundswell against the atrocity in Gaza makes this possible; the Anglo-Americans will not defend the fallen Bibi. The time has come for the sane and good people of Israel to stand up to this tyrant, this monster. Let those people in Israeli political life, as well as the leadership of the military and intelligence services walk over to Netanyahu’s office, and escort him to jail. On what grounds? On suspicion of treason for his role in supporting the Hamas and helping orchestrate the murder of 1,400 Israelis on Oct. 7.

Let all of us, including Israelis, atone for what we have caused by our failure to take action sooner. It is through the process of atonement, a central feature of the Jewish and other great religions, that we can all come to a better place. It is time, as the Israeli leader Rabin, slain at Bibi's incitement, demanded, for people everywhere to change their axioms, and stop the killing.

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