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Why Dirty Secrets of the 2014 Coup in Kiev Continue To Haunt

BREAKING NEWS PART TWO: This represents some courageous reporting, in the face of threats from both Kyiv and the U.S. Administration to not allow such things to be said or circulated. We present them for you to think about, knowing that this is the only place you might find them.

Sept. 21, 2023 (EIRNS)—The Georgian state security (SUS) report on Mamaku Mamulashvili and the attempt to run a “Euromaidan”-style coup in Georgia this Fall, usefully calls attention to an operation currently plaguing Ukraine, involving Mamulashvili and two confederates. Mamulashvili was the one who recruited the snipers who fired upon both the Berkut police and the Maidan demonstrators in February 2014 (cutting down dozens from both sides on Feb. 18), deliberately to create chaos and destroy any lawful settlement of the protest. (See separate slug.) But it appears, from evidence given by three of Mamulashvili’s sniper team who later confessed, that he didn’t give the order to shoot. Their story is told in Gian Micalessin’s 2017 Italian documentary, “The Final Truth of the [2014] Civil War in Ukraine?”

The man who ran the operation on the scene, Serhiy Pashinsky, is now officially the head of the Association of Defense Enterprises of Ukraine, and unofficially the leading profiteer in private weapons dealings for Kiev. In mid-February, 2014, Pashinsky brought in the special guns used by Mamulashvili’s sniper team and gave the orders to the confused snipers to deliberately shoot at both Berkut police and demonstrators.

At Pashinsky’s side in the building was the infamous Volodymir Parasiuk, a member of the OUN-B-founded “Congress of Ukrainian Nationalists,” originally headed by Slava Stetsko, the wife of the WWII Nazi leader Yaroslav Stetsko. After the demonstrators and President Yanukovych’s government agreed upon a peaceful settlement on Feb. 20, it was Parasiuk who delivered the ultimatum to Yanukovych’s government, in his Feb 21 speech on the Euromaidan, tearing up the negotiated agreement. He announced: “If by tomorrow at 10 a.m. you do not deliver us an official statement calling for Yanukovich’s resignation we will attack you with weapons… I swear to you!” There was no doubt that he had the weapons. Yanukovich left Kiev before the deadline.

Parasiuk would become a parliamentarian in the new government. however, Pashinsky — the fellow who deliberately murdered dozens of victims on both sides to prevent a peaceful resolution — assumed the role of the acting Head of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine from March 5 to June 10, 2014. Later he would also serve in the Rada, but his specialty was as a dealer in heavy and light armaments. In 2020, he joined Zelensky’s government. Besides serving as the head of the Association of Defense Enterprises in Ukraine, he serves presently as the chairman of the Committee on National Security and Defense Council (NSDC). The “Center for Countering Disinformation” (CCD) is a special sub-section of the NSDC, so Pashinsky very likely has a significant role with Kiev’s wetworks — not surprising for someone who, so to speak, knew in 2014 where the bodies were buried.

Curiously, sometime before the October 8, 2022, bombing of the Crimean Bridge, Pashinsky told the Russian pranksters Lexus and Vovan, thinking he was talking with Michael McFaul (US ambassador to Ukraine in 2012-14), that “as soon as you tell me that the US approves the destruction of the Crimean Bridge, things can move forward. I only need a verbal confirmation.”

Last month, the NY Times called Pashinsky the Ukrainian government’s “biggest private arms supplier.” They reported that his company, Ukrainian Armored Technology, “reported its best year ever last year, with sales totaling more than $350 million,” making 2022’s sales 125 times larger than 2021’s. The Times offered that “European and American officials are loath to discuss Mr. Pashinsky, for fear of playing into Russia’s narrative that Ukraine’s government is hopelessly corrupt and must be replaced.”

There may be some truth in this, but the Times scrupulously avoids any mention of Pashinsky’s 2014 activities. Zelensky may fire some mid-level officials, but the actual problem in dealing with Ukraine’s corruption at its core may be that it treads upon the filthy creation of the so-called “Revolution of Dignity,” the 2014 Euromaidan coup.

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