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The InterQ.ME Live Streaming Social Platform presents a new age of live-streaming Life, Music,

Entertainment, Drag, Circuit Parties, Sex, and News from the Queer perspective.

InterQ.ME Live Streaming Platform is a global high-tech experience connecting Fans,

DJs, Artists, Clubs, and Events that transcend borders with InterQ.ME fans worldwide.

For namesake, InterQ = Intersectionality + Queer.

InterQ.ME is a digital safe space where no one is invisible. InterQ.ME recognizes the complexity of identity

and how it influences who we are. InterQ is also for allies that strive to be more than inclusive in their own lives.

InterQ.ME is based in Phoenix, Arizona, and streamed to markets within the US and worldwide.

InterQ.ME is your space! You have the power. Now, more than ever,

this is the time to stay engaged and maintain meaningful connections.

Click, Share, Sin your day away on InterQ.ME.

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The academic world and the Hebrew University are in mourning following the passing of Prof. Shlomo Avineri, a towering figure in the study of political philosophy and history.Prof. Avineri was a luminary in his field, celebrated for his profound understanding and critical analysis of philosophical giants such as Hegel and Marx. His work not only illuminated the intricate thoughts of these philosophers but also bridged their theories with the practical world of politics and social change. His insights into Hegel's dialectics and Marx's socio-economic theories have been invaluable to students and scholars alike.But Prof. Avineri's contributions extended beyond the realms of Hegel and Marx. He was a preeminent authority on Zionism and socialism, exploring their historical contexts and impacts with a depth and clarity that few could match. His ability to dissect complex political movements and ideologies and present them in an accessible manner made him a revered figure in academic circles.His scholarly excellence was recognized through numerous prestigious awards. Notably, he was honored with the Israel Prize, one of the nation's highest honors, acknowledging his significant contributions to Israeli society and academia. Additionally, he received the AMT Prize, further cementing his status as a scholar of exceptional caliber.Prof. Avineri was also a cherished member of the Israeli National Academy of Sciences, an institution that represents the pinnacle of academic achievement in Israel. His association with this academy underscored his standing as a leading thinker and researcher in his field.For six decades, Prof. Avineri graced the halls of the Hebrew University, imparting wisdom to countless students. His lectures were not just lessons in political theory but also inspirations for critical thinking and social responsibility. Beyond the university, he was a global academic citizen, contributing to renowned institutions worldwide and fostering a spirit of intellectual collaboration.Today, as the Israeli academic community bids farewell to this giant of political thought, it is not just his scholarly achievements that are remembered. Prof. Avineri's legacy is also found in the minds he enlightened, the debates he stimulated, and the ethical compass he provided to future generations of thinkers and leaders.In his passing, the world has lost a beacon of knowledge and wisdom. But as we remember Prof. Shlomo Avineri, we find solace in the indelible mark he has left on the study of political philosophy, both in Israel and around the world.May his memory be a blessing, inspiring future scholars to pursue truth with the same rigor, passion, and humanity that he embodied throughout his illustrious career.