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If You Want Peace, Then Bibi and the Religious Crazies Must Go Now

Nov. 27, 2023—It is time for some straight talk. For all those who rightfully raise their voices against the genocide being administered against the Palestinians in Gaza, who demand that in the name of all that is human and good, this atrocity must stop, you must realize that once the temporary cease-fire is over, it will not stop and cannot stop until there is a new government in Israel that does not contain the Nazi-like Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu and the collection of religious zealots and crazies from the Zionist parties of hate that comprise his government.

Sleepy Joe Biden

While Bibi has been supported and encouraged in his blood-lust against the Palestinians by the U.S. government of Sleepy Joe Biden and the collection of war hawks inside his administration and the promoters of hate against the Arab and Muslim world on both sides of the political aisle in Congress, intelligence specialists of the sane variety realize that even if the U.S. pulled its support, Bibi intends for his extermination policies, not merely against Hamas, as he states, but against the Palestinian people, propelled by his own curious religious zealotry and messianic impulses, to continue.

The fact is that the majority of Israelis are sane. They do not support Netanyahu’s drive to exterminate the Palestinians, nor his plans to militarily occupy Gaza. Even after the murderous Hamas attack, they still support a two-state solution—something Bibi will never accept, citing false interpretations of the Bible to back his claims for the purity of the Jewish state.

The time has come for these good Israelis to act, to act in the name of Israel, and throw this anti-human pig out of office, along with those who advocate for and support his genocidal urges against the Palestinians and Muslims in general.

The good people of the world must give their support to those Israelis willing to strike a blow for peace by acting against the dictator Bibi, who, as Hitler did in Germany, seeks to turn Israel into a Nazi-like pariah state, who seeks to impose his will through murder while silencing opposition. They face dangers if they act against the increasingly mad and insane Netanyahu, but act they must if they are to atone for what has been done in their name. Act they must if they seek now to re-walk the path of peace courageously embarked on by the former Prime Minister Yitzak Rabin some 30 years ago, when he shook hands with his adversary PLO leader Yassir Arafat, and committed to work for peace and prosperity of Jews and Muslims alike, with a Palestinian state co-existing, side by side, with Israel

Oslo Accords Bill Clinton, Yitzhak Rabin, and Yasser Arafat

Let us remember the wise words of Yitzak Rabin, pronounced as a toast on the occasion of the signing of the Oslo Accords: “If I raise my toast, I will raise it for those who have the courage to change axioms, to overcome prejudices, to change realities … to all those who believe and support and are ready to assist the continuation of peace in the region. L’Chaim. L’Chaim (to life).”

For that, Rabin was assassinated by a religious zealot, at the bidding of Netanyahu, who called Rabin a traitor. Bibi effectively controls such zealots to this day. Six months after Rabin’s murder, Bibi took power, committed to taking Israel off the course for peace which Rabin had chartered for Israel’s future.

There is no possibility of getting back on that track unless Netanyahu is removed. There are ample grounds for his removal. Up until the Hamas attack, Netanyahu appeared on his way out of office, as mass demonstrations demanded his removal for his efforts to eviscerate the Israeli Supreme Court, in order to prevent him from going to prison. Some intelligence specialists, including some Israelis among them, believe that Bibi actually orchestrated the October 7 Hamas attack so that he could unleash his war of extermination, and thus block his removal, by becoming a “war leader.”

October 7 Hamas attacked Israel’s Supernova Music Festival

There is, they say, much evidence to support a charge of treason against the Prime Minister. These same sources point to the fact that it was Bibi and his agents that actually created Hamas, with money, aid in recruiting, and even weapons, with the idea that Hamas would prevent the Palestinian Authority from becoming a controlling factor in Gaza, making a coherent Palestinian state under the PA an impossibility.

Such is the treason of the man who believes himself to be the new Savior of the Jewish people. This murderer is in fact worshipped by members of so-called Christian Zionist movements in the United States and around the world, whose numbers exceed Jewish Zionists by, in some estimates 20, or even 100 to 1. Included in the ranks of such lunatics, are members of the U.S. Congress, as well as large numbers in Donald Trump’s MAGA movement, who share a vision of the current crisis in terms of alleged biblical prophecy of Armageddon and the Second Coming, of Christ’s return to Earth at the Last Judgment.

Whatever the terms of a regional agreement for peace, it must pivot around the joint cooperation of Israel with its neighbors for the peaceful economic development of the entire region, as proposed back in 1995 in the Oasis Plan of the economist and statesman Lyndon LaRouche to underpin the peace process some 40 years ago. A commitment to the betterment of all peoples in the region via mutually beneficial economic development is the only basis for the durable co-existence of sovereign nations. Israel and its citizens have much to offer in know-how and technology toward this end but will never be enabled to do so under the tyrannical racist Netanyahu. 

A great Israeli, the former Mayor of Jerusalem and Israel’s UN Ambassador, Abba Eban, an advocate of peace and a mentor of Rabin, once said that the Anglo-American powers use Israel as a “hand grenade,” throwing it to start troubles whenever they desire. “I for one am tired of being a hand grenade. There is no future in it.” he confided.

Eban, too, had the courage to stand for peace. Now, the world needs good Israelis like Rabin and Eban to exercise their responsibility as citizens to remove Bibi, and thus end the genocide of their neighbor and venture forth to a future of peace, development, and security for the entire region

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