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New House Speaker Mike Johnson and the ‘Biblical’ Destiny of Israeli Expansion

New House Speaker Mike Johnson and the ‘Biblical’ Destiny of Israeli Expansion

Oct. 25, 2023 (EIRNS)—The newly-elected Speaker of the House, Mike Johnson (R-LA), a Baptist Sunday schoolteacher, calls himself an “evangelical Christian.” The first act of the House under his leadership today was to overwhelmingly pass a resolution supporting Israel.

Johnson is associated with some of the most extreme elements in Israel. He accompanied Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) to Israel in 2020, on a trip paid for by a foundation run by Avi Abelow, an American who moved to Israel and got involved in the settlers’ movement to take over lands in Gaza. Part of their tour was organized by the Temple Institute, which aims to build the “Third Temple” on the site of the Al-Aqsa Mosque—a flash point for religious confrontation with Muslims. The Temple Institute’s strategy is to “generate the awareness necessary to prepare the Jewish people to be ready to then declare sovereignty” over the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

Jordan had had four earlier trips to Israel over the previous decade, which included a meeting with Simcha Hochbaum, a disciple of “Jewish” fundamentalist Meir Kahane. One trip, in 2011, involved meeting with Kahane’s infamous Kach Party activist David Ha’ivri, the author of Reclaiming the Temple Mount, which included an account of his efforts to organize 10,000 Jews to stop the government from pulling the illegal settlements out of Israel, and to march on the Temple Mount. He was arrested for such actions as celebrating the Nov. 4, 1995 assassination of Yitzhak Rabin, and for marketing Kach T-shirts, “No Arabs, No Terror.”

In February 2020, the controversial Rabbi Yehudah Glick gave Jordan and Johnson his special tour guide of the Al-Aqsa site for their “Temple Mount” experience. In 2005, Glick had become the Executive Director of the Temple Institute. (Of note, he had just resigned from the government in protest over Israel pulling illegal settlements out of Gaza.) Jordan and Johnson had spent the previous four days visiting Biblical sites in “Judea and Samaria,” as Greater Israel freaks call the West Bank in Palestine.

On Feb. 20, 2020, the day after the Temple Mount tour, Abelow produced an interview with the two, in which they refer to Israel as America’s “most important ally.” Abelow sees Donald Trump as the best opportunity they’ve ever had to restore the Biblical lands. The duo also met with the Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who had named one of the illegal Syrian Golan Heights settlements, “Trump Heights.”

Today, Haaretz published an article by Ben Samuels, “New House Speaker Mike Johnson, an Evangelical Christian, Holds Ties to Israel’s Far Right.” Samuels’ account of Johnson’s trip to the Temple Mount is based upon the Oct. 7, 2022 article by San Francisco’s Corey Sherman. But Samuels also covers Abelow’s background with his “12 Tribe Films Foundation,” the sponsor of the Jordan-Johnson trip. (And the interview itself was produced by the Foundation’s project, called “The Pulse of Israel.”)

According to Samuels, Abelow was a factor last year in getting the far-right religious fundamentalist Bezalel Smotrich into Netanyahu’s governing coalition. Abelow explained to Haaretz that his switch from Likud to Smotrich’s “Religious Zionist” party was because of “his deep distrust of the Arabs serving in the Israeli parliament and genuine fears for his own safety living in the occupied territories.” Samuels explains that Abelow arranged for Jordan and Johnson to visit the Kohelet Policy Forum, the conservative think tank at the center of the drive to undermine Israel’s judiciary and maximize the power of the Netanyahu coalition. (Netanyahu’s power grab has generated massive protests against him over the last year, so much so that the Hamas massacre of Israelis on Oct 7 can be said to have saved his position.)

Beware! The British Israelites!

by Mr. X

One needs to remember something called the Church of England, which is presently headed by [King Charles III] a follower, not of Gaia, but of something worse, best referred to as the “tellurian heresy.” These are people who are for total destruction. They oppose forests, which they say should be replaced by wilderness. They are not trying to “save the trees,” which is one of the reasons they never proposed planting billions of them to temper the climate. Their preferred form of nature is the swamp, preferably devoid of trees (look it up.) Their “patron pagan goddess” is not Ceres/Demeter, “Mother Earth” but Diana/Artemis—the hunter. (Think Madelaine Albright and her disciples, male and female. Think of the personalities of Samantha Power, Susan Rice, Condoleezza Rice, Ursula von der Leyen, et al.) They oppose the harvest, and advocate the hunt. They are the people that spread the story that “hunter-gathers” came first, before mankind destroyed nature by farming. It is important to recognize that these are religious beliefs, taken as seriously—and, today, unfortunately more seriously—as those of Islam, Christianity, or Judaism.

They are for “the natural destruction of everything,” which must needs take place through “purgative violence,” the fiery furnace that purifies the human race. The bombing taking place right now in Gaza is that, and the collateral damage to the innocent makes them “holocausts”—burnt offerings who, precisely because of their innocence, are now purged of sin. Those familiar with the Inquisition will merely be reminded of these matters, but that is the world of retributive violence that has already been invoked. You can’t stop it, if you don’t address that.

As soon as you hear, “we can’t refer to this as Israel—we must refer to this as Judaea,” you should know you are dealing with the British Israelite faction, not merely “American Christian fundamentalism.” This is not a fine point. You have left the realm of rationality and entered the realm of psychosis. Why? Well, work it through. Let’s not talk about Israel. Ok—let’s talk about Assyria, not Syria; Babylon, not Iraq; Persia, not Iran; Phoenicia, not Lebanon; Pharaonic Egypt not Egypt. They were all empires, and they all overrode one another. So, who would want to bring that up? The Satanic British Empire, which sees any “Arab Nationalism” their own creation from the Colonial Office days. The British Imperial Church prefers the destruction of the three monotheisms altogether in favor of their “tellurian” Great Reset—which by the way, is not the same as the “Green New Deal.” All the British-directed fundamentalisms are at work here—Islamic, Christian, and Jewish—and all are deployed to undermine the humanist traditions of those three religions.

Note also that all three have robust martyrdom cults associated with them. For example, the British are relatively clear about how to induce the Israeli “breakaway ally” of the United States to use a nuclear weapon, which is why they keep getting everyone to assert that “Israel has the right to defend itself.” This is what Seymour Hersh keeps referring to as “the Samson Option”—bring down the defiled Temple (Mount) and everyone with it. The wrong focus would be to view this as “American Christian fundamentalist,” when “British Israelite” is going to be closer to it—though not right, either. The weakening hold on rationality for the trans-Atlantic populations, through massive regular drug use, the even more addictive screen obsessions, spectator spirts, and belief in alien visits to the planet, etc., is done to ensure that no mass-based movement would gain the kind of cohesion coming from solidarity—that is what is meant by “celebrating diversity.” This is, of course, “Palmerston Zoo 101.”

There is yet to come, for most, the uncomfortable realization that, in attempting to evaluate whether “these people really intend to use the bomb, “ we may be wasting precious time, because we have not faced that they require to use the bomb, or at least for using the bomb to become thinkable, “morally justifiable,” and at least for someone, some nation or faction of a nation, who is an exception, someone chosen, to use the bomb. If the fanatical wing of the Jewish population is asserted to have a franchise to decide what genocide is, what apartheid is, what a war crime is, what extermination means, then there is no general standard. You can’t commit a crime against humanity if you have a chosen right to self-defense, which choice includes using the bomb—as right now, it not only does, but must.

The Church of England, however, has “a deeper view” of what people keep referring to as ‘the Mid East crisis.” Their Second Coming is the realization of London as Jerusalem. This is the most widely sung of Anglican hymns, and widely proclaimed—William Blake’s “Jerusalem.”

And did those feet in ancient time

Walk upon England’s mountains green:

And was the holy Lamb of God,

On England’s pleasant pastures seen!

And did the Countenance Divine,

Shine forth upon our clouded hills?

And was Jerusalem builded here,

Among these dark Satanic Mills?

Bring me my Bow of burning gold:

Bring me my arrows of desire:

Bring me my Spear: O clouds unfold!

Bring me my Chariot of fire!

I will not cease from Mental Fight,

Nor shall my sword sleep in my hand:

Till we have built Jerusalem,

In England’s green & pleasant Land.

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