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Rave Culture Evangelist & Media Influencer for Body Langauge 2024 by Relentless Beats

Location: Phoenix Raceway, Phoenix, AZ

Event: Body Language 2024 February 16-17, 2024

About Us: Speir and InterQ Social Entertainment Platforms

In the pulsating world of Speir and InterQ Social Entertainment Platforms, we're all about weaving enchanting experiences that sync with the rhythms of music, art, individuality, and passion. Our journey is powered by our team - the maestros behind these mesmerizing moments. We're dedicated to fostering talent based on skill, experience, and a genuine love for the role, all while upholding a culture of inclusivity and diversity. Here, every voice matters, every idea sparks potential, and everyone is part of our vibrant, eclectic family. Join us, where creativity meets community, and together, we dance to the beat of extraordinary experiences.

"Our mission is straightforward yet impactful: Unite Communities, Spark Joy, Transform the Globe."

Joining the Speir and InterQ Team

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Job Description:

  • Role Overview: As the Rave Culture Evangelist and media Influencer for Body Language 2024, hosted by Relentless Beats, your role is to embody and amplify the spirit of the rave culture. You will be a pivotal figure in promoting and sharing the unique experiences of the event, working closely with Credentialed Photographers and other event team members to create an immersive and engaging narrative for attendees and online audiences.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Collaborative Event Coverage: Work in sync with Credentialed Photographers to capture the essence of the VIP Event Shuttle experience, including onboard entertainment, VIP guests, special moments, and exclusive features.
  • Influential Storytelling: Utilize your influence and content creation skills to tell the story of Body Language 2024. Highlight the atmosphere, emotions, and key moments through engaging and creative media content.
  • Real-Time Coordination with Phoenix Mission Control: Ensure seamless communication with Phoenix Mission Control for real-time uplinks, enabling live coverage and updates.
  • Partnership with Editorial Teams: Collaborate effectively with on-site and remote editors. Provide timely updates and raw content to facilitate efficient and impactful editing.
  • Compliance with Event Protocols: Stay informed and adhere to the rules for video recording in photo pits, and respect designated blackout periods. Ensure compliance with event-specific regulations and protocols.
  • Collaboration with On-Site Reporters: Coordinate with on-site reporters for artist and fan interviews, aligning coverage with the event’s media strategy.
  • Promotion of Merchants and Sponsors: Capture and highlight the contributions of merchants and sponsors, showcasing their role in enhancing the event experience.
  • Understanding Media Coverage Objectives: Align your content creation with the strategic vision and goals of the event’s media coverage.
  • Engagement with Content Partners: Actively coordinate with content creation and distribution partners to maximize the reach and impact of the media coverage.

In this role, your influence and creative vision will not only shape the public's perception of the event but also contribute significantly to the overall success and vibrancy of Body Language 2024.

Required Skills for the Rave Culture Evangelist & Media Influencer Position at Body Language 2024 by Relentless Beats: Strong Social Media Influence: Proven ability to engage and grow an audience across various social media platforms. Skilled in creating compelling, shareable content. Excellent Photography and Videography Skills: Proficiency in capturing high-quality images and videos, with an understanding of visual storytelling tailored to rave and EDM events. Collaborative Abilities: Experience in working collaboratively with photographers, editors, reporters, and event organizers. Ability to synergize with a team to achieve common goals. Effective Communication Skills: Strong verbal and written communication skills, crucial for coordinating with team members and conducting interviews. Understanding of Rave Culture: Deep knowledge of and passion for rave culture, EDM music, and the community, enabling authentic representation and promotion of the event's essence. Real-Time Content Creation: Ability to create and share content in real-time, capturing the dynamic and spontaneous nature of the event. Technical Proficiency: Familiarity with the latest content creation tools and platforms, including live streaming technologies and photo/video editing software. Adaptability and Problem-Solving: The capacity to adapt to fast-paced and changing environments, and to solve problems creatively and efficiently. Strong Networking Skills: Ability to connect with a diverse range of people, from event attendees to artists and industry professionals. Brand and Sponsor Promotion: Experience in effectively promoting brands and sponsors, ensuring that their contributions are highlighted in a manner that aligns with the event’s theme. Event Strategy Alignment: Understanding of marketing and media strategies, and the ability to align content creation with the strategic goals of the event. Respect for Rules and Regulations: Knowledge of and adherence to event-specific rules, including photo pit regulations and blackout periods.
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