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Are U.S. Military on Ground in Ukraine?

March 9—Although President Joe Biden denied it in no uncertain terms in last night’s State of the Union address—“In fact, there are no American soldiers at war in Ukraine. And I am determined to keep it that way”—the recently released leaked transcript of a now authenticated conversation between the two leading officers of the German Air Force and two staff members says otherwise. The Generals reveal, something they claimed to have winked at, that there are large numbers of non-uniformed people “with American accents” working side by side with other NATO military personnel from Great Britain and France, operating, programming, and targeting weapons systems supplied to the Ukraine.

The Generals’ conversation, now widely reported in the Western media after first being published March 1 by the Russian state-owned news agency and radio broadcast service Sputnik, featured a discussion of how Germany might go about providing the Ukraine with long-range (up to 500 km) Taurus cruise missiles that could be used to strike targets deep in Russia. What has raised red flags inside Germany and elsewhere was the explicit discussion of potential plans to assist the Ukraine in targeting and blowing up the Kerch Bridge between the Crimea and Russia. Responding to the leak, the German government has said that it has no plans to give the Taurus to the Ukraine at this time, nor would it participate in any plans to target and blow up the Kerch Bridge, an earlier target of Ukraine.

Various well-connected intelligence sources have confirmed these reports of American military personnel in the war zone, stating that the Americans are under military command, reporting to U.S. commanders, and operate often in civilian clothes to conceal their deployment. These sources say the Americans are essential to the weapons systems, something that is also confirmed in the German Generals’ conversation.

But the U.S. on-the-ground deployment in a combat zone involving a fight against a nuclear super power, Russia, may be even more extensive than the deployment discussed in the leaked transcripts. Sources who have been in the Ukraine say that U.S. military personnel are directly involved with Ukrainian special forces in various active deployments, often wearing Ukrainian uniforms.

And there is the case of the massive transshipment of U.S. military equipment and munitions to the Ukraine. In the German Generals’ conversation, they discuss how the British have brought their Storm Shadow cruise missiles into the Ukraine by vehicles operated by British personnel. “How do you think that U.S. weapons and munitions get into the Ukraine?" a source asked. “They are brought in in vehicles operated by U.S. personnel. That’s one reason that you have not seen the Russians interdict these shipments, as one might expect. If they do that, they will kill Americans, and then you might have a really big problem!”

None other that the flaming neo-con, Stephen Bryen, a former Under Secretary of Defense, who is close to the Bush family. argued in the March 3 Asia Times that NATO should pull all its troops, including U.S. forces, out of the Ukraine immediately, effectively confirming the above reports. NATO officers and trained personnel from the U.S., UK, France, Poland, and others are already there “in large numbers,” Bryen  claimed, for once making some sense:

“Their job is to operate such weapons as the Patriot and NASAM air defense system, the HIMARS multiple launch rocket system, the British-French Storm Shadow cruise missile (SCALP-EG in France), and many other complex weapons provided to Ukraine….

“NATO policy should be urgently reevaluated. If NATO is actually against sending troops to Ukraine, it no longer has plausible deniability over the troops already on the ground in Ukraine…. Putin’s reminder that Russia has nuclear weapons, his warning that NATO is preparing to attack Russia and his declaration that Russia is willing to use nuclear weapons indicate that the political acceptability of NATO threats to Russia has crossed a critical red line.”

President Biden has claimed, as he did against last night, that Ukrainians are fighting the Russians and President Putin so that we don’t have to fight them with U.S. soldiers: “If anybody in this room thinks Putin will stop at Ukraine, I assure you, he will not. But Ukraine can stop Putin if we stand with Ukraine and provide the weapons it needs to defend itself. That is all Ukraine is asking. They are not asking for American soldiers.”

Biden used this argument to renew his pitch for more than $60 billion in new military aid to the Ukraine, whose authorization has been stalled in Congress for more than 5 months.

But before Congress considers sending more weapons to Ukraine’s already lost fight against the Russians, the relevant committees of Congress, especially in the GOP-controlled House of Representatives, should do their duty and investigate whether any U.S. military personnel are on the ground in Ukraine in a combat zone. If they are found to be there, in uniform or not, then President Biden, who has now denied this before the nation, and his Administration, are in violation of the 1973 War Powers Act, which specifies that all such deployments must be approved by the Congress or authorized by a declaration of war, which also requires the approval of both Houses of Congress.

Since this entire deployment in the Ukraine is being carried out covertly behind the backs of Congress and the American people, a very legitimate and relevant question to ask is whether any personnel so deployed have either been wounded or even killed, carrying out what is an unconstitutional deployment.

It is about time that the Biden lie about keeping Americans out of harm’s way by supporting the proxy fight of Ukraine against the Russians is exposed and all deployments to and support of Ukraine halted, before it gets us into a nuclear war, as even Steve Bryen can see as where this is heading.

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