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Kyiv’s CCD Targets Schiller Institute, Zepp-LaRouche—and Germany

April 11—Ukraine’s “information warfare” department, the Center for Countering Disinformation (CCD), has published a new “analytic report” of a “large-scale Russian disinformation campaign” it alleges is ongoing in Germany. This publication by an agency which interfaces with NATO signals how the NATO-Brussels war party which coordinates with the CCD is escalating its campaign to silence advocates of peace throughout Europe.

Helga Zepp-LaRouche

Once again, the Schiller Institute and its founder Helga Zepp-LaRouche are singled out by the CCD information warfare unit as a key obstacle to the war party’s aims. In summarizing its April 8 “report,” the CCD asserts that it has “established that the Schiller Institute, under the leadership of Helga Zepp-LaRouche, is a platform for promoting narratives consonant with Russian propaganda.” The reasons given for labeling the Schiller Institute and its founder as Russian propagandists, include that she “supports the so-called ‘peace camp’ in her activities and opposes the supply of weapons to Ukraine.”

Likewise, she dares to state such realities as that “Russia is at war with NATO” and “many people in many countries are extremely concerned that this could lead to nuclear war”; or that “the ‘elections’ were held fairly in Russia,” “the Russian economy is stronger than before,” and so “Vladimir Putin will be President of this country for another six years, if not longer, with a level of support unmatched by any politician in NATO.”

Nor is anyone to be permitted to say “Russia has become very popular among most of the world’s nations, especially African nations, because it not only survived, but also made progress,” let alone that, with the West’s rejection of China’s peace proposal, which the Global South supports, “it now becomes clear to the whole world who is trying to establish peace and who is trying to escalate the war.”

These are among the reasons given for explicitly targeting the Schiller Institute as such (a first), as well as its founder. Up till now, it has targeted Zepp-LaRouche and other individuals associated with the Schiller Institute.

Similar specious grounds are cited for targeting the other German institutions and persons called out in the report as allegedly serving Russian purposes: the national ZDF public TV channel, the Berliner Zeitung daily, and Anti-Spiegel, along with journalists and bloggers Thomas Röper, Kim Dotcom, Alina Lipp, and Armin Körper.

The CCD is worried about European opposition to the NATO war drive. Since March 29, the CCD has been posting a series of short items on its Telegram channel purporting to expose how an alleged Russian operation named “Pravda” is tailoring its propaganda message for different European countries, trying to “creat[e] a negative image of Europe” (!) and its war aims. So far, the posts have covered eight countries.

The CCD is particularly worried, however, about Germany, given its “leading political role … in the development of the European Union and the deepening of European integration.” So far, the “analytical report” on Germany is publicly available in full only in Ukrainian.

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