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Can Beast Netanyahu Be Forced To Accept Ceasefire/Hostage Deal?

April 11—Sources with knowledge of Israeli War Cabinet discussions describe Prime Minister Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu as a caged beast, ready to explode.

The question is whether the beast Netanyahu can be forced, primarily by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and the U.S., to accept a deal for an extensive ceasefire and hostage release, before he unleashes the further slaughter of Palestinians, in an attack on Rafah, the last standing city in Gaza, with its more than 1.5 civilians and a relative handful of remaining Hamas fighters.

The peace deal, which will call for at least a 6-week ceasefire and a staged plan for the release of all hostages held by Hamas since its savage Oct. 7 attack on Israel which killed more than 1,200 innocent civilians, was put forward yesterday in Cairo by America’s most skilled diplomat, Director of Central Intelligence William Burns, and reportedly has the approval of the majority of the War Cabinet and some, if not all of the Hamas leadership. Under the agreement, there would be further discussion, including a scheme that would have the remaining Hamas fighters lay down their arms, and leave Gaza, and would discuss the permanent withdrawal of most Israeli forces from the devastated territory, as reconstruction would begin.

Meanwhile, there would be a massive influx of humanitarian aid to the starving and dying Palestinians, with the provision of the means to effectively distribute it.

Most Israeli ground forces left southern Gaza on April 7, returning to Israel on orders not of Netanyahu, but of the IDF, sources report. Immediately after this, convoys of aid trucks entered at a much increased rate, though still inadequate to prevent further massive death, even if Bibi’s war is halted; more than 33,000 innocent civilians, mostly women and children, are estimated to have been killed since the IDF began its onslaught, with perhaps double that number buried in the ruble of what once were Gaza’s towns and cities.

“Bibi is not going into Rafah to get the last Hamas,” said a source. “This war was never really about Hamas. They were just a pretext, some useful fools, for Netanyahu’s overall plan—the rendering all of Gaza an uninhabitable hell for years to come, to drown in Palestinian blood the possibility of a two-state solution.

“By doing this, he sends a message to the 14 million Palestinian diaspora: ‘You have nothing to come back to. Only death and suffering.’

"He needs to destroy Rafah to complete the job," the source continued. "If he is forced to accept a peace deal, then his plan is incomplete and defeated. He will have killed all these people for nothing. He knows his reign is coming to an end. He will be kicked out of office in the next elections, or even sooner—that’s what the recent huge protests mean. But he wants to complete his disgusting mission. You are dealing with a lunatic, a Hitler-like racist and lunatic.”

This evaluation has been passed on to the White House of President Joe Biden. Even Sleepy Joe realizes that Bibi must be contained and a peace deal rammed down his throat. Biden, sources report, is working closely with Burns, who is said to be behind Biden’s sudden discovery of his backbone in dealing with Bibi.

It is said that the White House has privately solicited Congressional support for the possibility of cutting off all military aid to Israel should Bibi’s Gaza War not be ended.

That threat—the aid cutoff—is what has gotten the attention of the IDF leadership, which ordered the recent Gaza pullout, which was seen as a way to help the negotiations with Hamas, as it was one of Hamas’ demands.

While Bibi is the most powerful obstacle to a deal, there are other even more rabid racists in Israel who happen to occupy positions in the current government. These representatives of lunatic religious and Zionist parties realize that a peace deal might be in the works, and are kicking up a loud obnoxious storm.

Israel’s National Security Minister, and resident “blood and soil” ideologue, Itamar Ben-Gvir, informed Netanyahu April 8 that he would bring down Netanyahu’s government, if Netanyahu failed to escalate into a major military assault on Rafah, where over a million Palestinian refugees are gathered as their last refuge. His statement read that, if Netanyahu “ends Israel’s war against Hamas without an extensive attack on Hamas in Rafah,” he will “cease to have a mandate to serve as prime minister.”

Ben-Gvir’s “Jewish Power” party, along with the “Religious Zionist” party of his cohort, Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich,  give Bibi the number of seats in the Knesset necessary for him to stay in power. The lunatic Smotrich, stated in a letter to Netanyahu that he, as Prime Minister,  wasn’t “authorized to make decisive decisions during wartime” at the level of the “War Cabinet.” That group was submitting to “international pressures that harm the war’s momentum and our security interests.” That body has ignored Smotrich’s “warning for many weeks” that Israel must step on “the gas pedal” militarily.

Bibi responded to his coalition critics in a video released April 9, stating that h had already authorized the Rafah assault and had set a date, implying that he believed ceasefire negotiations would fail. A White House spokesman reported that it had not been informed of such a date, and claimed it had Bibi's assurance that he would no make such a move without informing them.

Meanwhile, in his sharpest criticism of Bibi to date, President Biden said in an interview to be aired on Univision yesterday, that Netanyahu has been completely wrong in his handling of Gaza, and threatens the future security of Israel. Biden called for and end to the war and an end to the deaths of innocent civilians.

Bibi already played one of his his last card, when he authorized the attack by precision missiles provided by the United States, on the Iranian consulate in Damascus last week, that killed Iranian military personnel, including a high ranking general of the Revolutionary Guard. He is hoping that an Iranian retaliatory strike on Israel could scramble the works, and rally the Israeli people to support his crusade, while perhaps bringing the U.S. in on his side. Sources report that the Russians have urged caution on the Iranians, and asked them to delay any actions until a deal could be worked out.

Then, April 9, an Israeli precision missile strike killed children and grandchildren of Hamas's political leader, in what various sources claim, was a deliberate attempt to sabotage the ceasefire talks. The Hamas political leader, condemning the "barbaric" attack, said the talks must continue. A U.S. source reported Biden to be furious over the attack, which everyone believes was ordered with Netanyahu's approval.

Meanwhile, it was reported in the Israeli press late April 9, that the biggest hang-up in the Cairo talks was Hamas inability to locate 40 of the remaining hundred hostages thought to be still alive, the number required to initiate the agreement. These reports have not been corroborated.

“There’s a lot at stake in all this,” the source continued. “We can have a deal, and have Bibi on his way out along with his collection of crazies. Or we can have a total bloody mess, and something that could lead to a global nuclear war. If there is a deal, then there is the hope for a broad regional plan for development and peace that can finally bring an end to bloody games people play with Israel and its neighbors.”

Such a plan, called the Oasis Plan, developed by the late American statesman and physical economist Lyndon LaRouche, will be discussed April 13 in a major online conference sponsored by the Schiller Institute. (You can go to the Schiller site to register).

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