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Bibi Thumb’s His Nose at UNSC Ceasefire Resolution, Prepares Rafah Assault

March 27—A defiant Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu has attacked the United Nations Security Council for unanimously approving a Resolution calling for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, halting his plans to reduce to an uninhabitable rubble heap the entire area of Rafah, the last city still standing in Gaza.

Calling the Resolution, which was approved March 25 after the United States refused to exercise its veto, an effort to infringe Israel’s right to defend itself against the Hamas terrorists who attacked Oct. 7 slaughtering more than 1,200 innocent civilians and taking nearly 250 hostages, of which 100 are thought to be still alive. Netanyahu told the media March 25 there could be no even temporary ceasefire without a release of hostages and condemned the Resolution for its failure to insist on that and to condemn Hamas for its Oct. 7 attack.

More importantly, while not recognizing the right of the UN to impose a ceasefire, even if an agreement could be reached in the negotiations taking place in Qatar, Netanyahu said he will not be deterred from “finishing the job” and eliminating the last two Hamas fighting battalions, which, he claims are hiding among the more than one million people now crowded into Rafah. Sources report that Bibi has already issued the orders for the assault on Rafah, and that the Israel Defense Forces are mobilizing in preparation for that attack, which could come as soon as next week.

Netanyahu also attacked the United States for failing to defend “its ally” Israel from the Resolution, as it has in the past with its veto, stating he was “very disappointed,” by what had taken place. But sources close to the White House report that he should not have been surprised, as President Sleepy Joe Biden has, in particular, become increasingly exasperated with Netanyahu, most recently, over his refusal to rescind plans to attack Rafah.

Biden has seen the result of private election campaign polls that show him losing any chance for re-election should the slaughter in Gaza continue much longer, and he has been backing away from his previous blanket support for the Israelis. Reports are that it was the President, personally, who ordered the U.S. abstention on the UNSC vote. But, thus far, the Administration has refrained from allowing any of its spokesmen to term what is happening in Gaza as genocide or to publicly threaten a halt of military sales and aid to Israel.

“In some ways, what the Biden White House is doing is pure bluff,” said a source with knowledge of discussions within the Administration. “It is as if they want world opinion to stop Bibi. But Bibi does not give a rat’s ass for such opinion. He is on a crusade to make Gaza uninhabitable for years to come, making a two-state solution impossible. It has never been about Hamas. Hamas merely provided the excuse he needed to carry out his genocide. He knows that his political future is limited, and his time in power is close to ending. He sees this as his life mission, and he will not be deterred by angry words, or even shouting rants, as Biden is prone to.

“You are going to need actions—actions that could impel Israeli actors in this sad tragedy to take steps to remove Bibi.”

Netanyahu is calling the question on the UN, on the U.S., and on the rest of the civilized world. He has said that he believes that the UN Resolution is non-binding, just recommendation he intends to ignore. The U.S. has said as much as well, although it is not clear what the White House actually thinks.

UN Secretary-General António Guiterrez has stated that the Ceasefire Resolution is binding on all parties. If that is the case, then he needs to go back to the Council and ask for authorization to implement it, including calling for the establishment of a peacekeeping force to be sent to Gaza, perhaps to be deployed at the gates of Rafah.

“The White House needs to convey three things directly to Bibi,” said the source. “One: That the U.S. intends to halt all arms shipments and aid to Israel, and deny its ability to buy arms here. Two: that the U.S. will participate in a peacekeeping force if asked. And, three: That the U.S. will seek prosecution of Bibi for crimes against humanity should he carry out an attack on Rafah. Those threatened measures would send him into a blind rage, but it would also likely spur saner Israeli political leaders to take the steps necessary to remove this lunatic from office.

“Let’s see if Joe Biden has the guts to do what is right. The longer he and others procrastinate on this, the more people will be threatened with death, and the more will die. Before there is even a chance to save those threatened with death in the near-term in Bibi’s genocidal war, the fighting must be stopped.”

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