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Biden Administration Illegally Funding Ukraine

March 23—The Ukrainian government of television-clown-turned-President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is one of the most corrupt in the world, and in order to maintain power, it needs cash to pay people off. Lots of it. The key source of this corruption-fueling cash has been the United States, as billions have been siphoned off from the outlays for munitions and government operations that have been authorized by Congress to fight NATO’s proxy war against Russia, a war which NATO is losing badly.

But these money streams have, in recent months, dried up, as Congress has refused to pass any new Ukraine allocations, as demanded by the Biden White House. Now, with Congress narrowly averting a government shutdown in the U.S. with the passage overnight of a $1.2 trillion dollar budget, over the objections of Sleepy Joe Biden himself, the Congress has recessed for two weeks for Easter, without any vote on new Ukraine aid.

While Zelenskyy has been working the phone lines overtime calling his slavish supporters here, like Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), and the White House, complaining about the lack of results now for more than 5 months on the aid bill, sources report that enough cash—barely—needed to keep his corrupt regime breathing has none-the-less been flowing through various illegal back-channels, using various CIA-linked private companies as cut-outs. The scheme, which has sent significant sums to feed the corrupt regime, involves payments for various import/export licenses and fees, as well as “rents” for land and buildings, and for dummy government “consultants” and other services. Money is conduited for these purposes from various “black box” accounts, the sources say.

As for additional weapons and munitions, they are also continuing to be supplied through NATO by the U.S., without Congressional authorization: The U.S. sends weapons and munitions to a NATO ally to replenish their stocks; these supplies are then rerouted to the Ukraine, as part of that ally’s pledged fulfillment of Ukraine’s needs.

“The White House has been going behind the back of Congress in a totally illegal way,” said one source. “They have to do this, because if the funds and munitions were really cut off, the government would collapse, almost immediately. Some people, like Schumer, know this is going on. Even some loudmouth Republicans are in on this scam. Everyone suspects it, but no one wants to stop it. Meanwhile, some of these same people rail against voting for the aid package.

"Is there no honest member of Congress who will speak up and demand an investigation and get this shut down?' the source asked. "If it can be shown that Joe Biden is involved, that he knew that others  in his Administration were making a run-around around Congress, then he should be impeached for that reason. But there is a cover-up going on. People know it. How the hell do they think those corrupt bastards in Kyiv are hanging on without cash and munitions from here? Well, they couldn’t."

To supplement their cash stipend, Kyiv is also selling U.S. munitions and weapons to terrorists on the open market, various sources have reported. That’s a fact—but no one in Congress has the guts to say it, and hold those responsible, including the President. But those weapons sales make only a small portion of what the corruption machine needs to stay afloat. And the sales, which line the pockets of corrupt officials, including in the Presidency itself, are insufficient to fund the continued slaughter.

One on-the-ground source reported that the Armed Forces of Ukraine doesn’t have the resources and money even to properly bury their dead. It is time to call quits to this whole absurd mess. Even if that slow guy in the Oval Office won’t admit it or can’t comprehend what is happening: The Ukraine is a lost cause.

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