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Col. Macgregor Interviews Diane Sare in Blockbuster Dialogue!

March 27—On March 25, Col. Douglas Macgregor (USA ret.) released a no-holds-barred interview with independent candidate for U.S. Senate in New York Diane Sare. His YouTube channel is called, “Our Country, Our Choice.”

Sare was able to give Col. Macgregor  30-minute instruction in the later statesman and the world's leading physical economist, Lyndon LaRouche’s science of physical economy, ranging from the real intent of the 1934 Glass-Steagall Act, the need today for a National Bank, the Hamiltonian method of extinguishing debt through productive investment, and the role today of the Global South in ending colonialism. Describing LaRouche as the most controversial political figure of our time, Sare identified his role in defining the real American tradition of creative, productive investment and the "pursuit of happiness."

Col. Macgregor ended the tour d’horizon interview with Sare, telling her: “I sincerely hope you get more attention, that more Americans in New York State listen to you, and that hopefully they’ll get out and vote for you, because I think you’re someone with a mission and that’s what we need right now in Washington.”

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