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Has Europe Gone Stark-Raving Mad?

March 23—The proper term to describe French President Emmanuel Macron’s bellicose threats to deploy French and /or NATO troops to fight in the Ukraine is “ravings,” as in the “ravings of one who has lost his mind.” The fact that such ravings are taken not only seriously, but are even echoed by various members of NATO governments and military establishments, including in the environs of London and Washington, would seem to indicate an outbreak of lunacy within the Western Establishment bears further observation, and actions by saner members of this Establishment, and society in general, lest this collection of lunatics should lead us down a pathway toward general thermonuclear war in the near term with Russian President Vladimir Putin’s Russia; fortunately Putin remains the cool character that he has been, and merely continues to deliver warnings of the consequence of Marcon’s flight forward plunge toward war; he has made his red lines clear, and that what Macron and others say along similar lines, crosses those lines. Yet, these characters continue to rave on about fighting “shoulder to shoulder with the brave Ukrainians” against Russia.

Let’s make a few things clear.

NATO’s war in the Ukraine against Russia is hopelessly lost, at a cost of more than 500,000 Ukrainian soldiers’ lives alone. Russia has suffered about one-tenth those losses, or around 50,000 dead. At this point, Russian strategy is to continue the meatgrinder slaughter of Ukrainian troops, ordered into hopeless battle, by their former television clown-President, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, whose term of office expires in 2 months. No deployment of new NATO conventional weapons will reverse this outcome; Russia will always maintain what is called “escalatory dominance”—the ability to out deploy its NATO-backed adversary. The only other military choice would be to go for nuclear war, a possibility that Putin has reminded the likes of Macron and others who echo his foolishness, that no one can win.

Further, as the recently leaked conversation with German Air Force ranking officers makes clear, there are already NATO troops and military personnel from the U.S., France, Great Britain, Poland and Germany on the ground in the Ukraine, performing numerous missions. Other sources also point that NATO nation military personnel are also transporting the weapons systems and munitions into the Ukraine, which, they say, is one of the reasons that the Russians have not interdicted these shipments. These sources confirm that NATO personnel are not only training Ukrainians on the operation of weapons systems, but are providing them with computer generated GPS targeting information, programming that information into the weapons, and even operating those systems, including various drones. The Russians are fully aware of this, the sources say. 

Despite this effort, their proxy war is a lost cause. Reports have even now made it to mainstream western media that quote Ukrainian troops as reporting that in some areas on the eastern front, they are unable to move because of all the bodies of their dead comrades piling up around them.

There is now no real alternative for NATO but to accept its defeat, and cut further losses of Ukrainian lives, in a settlement of the war, on terms which will be fairly dictated by the Russians, and get on with the reconstruction of all areas impacted by the war. This is now the view of a growing consensus in the Anglo-American Establishment, who would like to wrap up this fiasco as soon as possible, in large part so they might turn their focus to what many in their camp believe to be the true threat—China.

Neither China nor Russia pose any imminent military intention to attack the West. Russia has no intention of marching through the Fulda Gap and attack Western Europe. Yet fools must continue to manufacture such a military threat by Russia, lest someone question the purpose and intent of the NATO alliance. On the contrary, the real danger to the continued existence of Europe is the current leadership of NATO itself, and fools like Macron.

China also represents no military threat to the West, as its President Xi Jinping has made clear. The fear of China that sends Europe, especially the Anglo-American Establishment, into attack mode stems from the collapse of their own global system of looting and speculation, which is in fact threatened by China’s growing economic power on a world—especially in the Global South—once dominated by the neo-colonial West. But there is no military solution that can defeat the Chinese economy. Instead an attempt to provoke a military confrontation over Taiwan or in some other venue can only, in short order, lead to nuclear war.

The reality is that the policy of confrontation and war is not coming from Russia and China, but from NATO and the trans-Atlantic Establishment it serves.

Needed instead is a new strategic and development architecture, as proposed by the Schiller Institute’s chairwoman Helga Zepp-LaRouche, that would enable cooperation among sovereign nations for peace and prosperity and the betterment of all humanity. As her late husband, the statesman and world’s leading physical economist, Lyndon LaRouche, repeatedly explained, ALL military spending is pure waste, and constitutes a net deficit charge against an economy. Our goal must be first to reduce such expenditures drastically, and eventually zero them out, deploying the formerly wasted capital and labor for productive outcomes, thus creating the potential for the greatest physical economic growth and improvement in living standards in human history. Leaders who oppose such policies are not qualified to lead.

The Schiller Institute is convening an online conference April 13 to address these issues and their solution, “The Oasis Plan: The LaRouche Solution for Peace Through Development Between Israel and Palestine and for All of Southwest Asia.” Register here.

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