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It’s All Over ... But the Shooting

March 9—This last week, former President Donald Trump took great strides toward his re-nomination, driving his last standing opponent, his former United Nations Ambassador and South Carolina Gov. Niki Haley from the race, after his crushing victories on Super Tuesday; he will clinch the Republican party’s nomination with victories in primaries this coming week.

Meanwhile, stuttering Joe Biden survived his more than one-hour rant which passed for a State of the Union address to a joint session of Congress and national television audience March 7. While the 81-year-old Biden was quick to claim that the speech should put to rest questions about his age and mental acuity, to most people, it only showed that he could shout and appear angry for an hour. Nonetheless, ranting Joe will also soon secure the delegates required for his party’s re-nomination, as he is only running against an “uncommitted” vote, which gained strength in the Super Tuesday primary in Minnesota, organized by people who call him “Genocide Joe” for his support of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s extermination campaign in Gaza.

But intelligence sources say that no one should think that this outcome for the race is set in stone, and that it will be Trump and Biden as the choices come November. These sources have repeatedly warned that there is a likely shake up intervention coming from within the trans-Atlantic Establishment and the covert intelligence services that serve their policy interests.

Trump, who the Establishment can never trust and who has repeatedly, both as President and since, directly threatened to dismantle NATO, and pull the U.S. nuclear umbrella from over Europe, must, in their view, never be allowed near the White House again. They thought that they had taken care of that with the fake Jan. 6 so-called insurrection; their media assets claimed that Trump instigated it (which Biden shouted in his State of Disunion), while they concealed its true nature as a “police riot,” organized, sources say, by U.S. NATO-allied military functions and allied special agencies, using what journalist Tucker Carlson exposed, before he was fired by Fox TV last year, was a virtual army of agents provocateur seeded within the crowd that was encouraged by these operatives to storm the Capitol. But “Teflon Donald” has survived these fake charges and others brought against him in an unprecedented legal witch hunt, and has risen Phoenix-like from a media-declared political death to the brink of nomination, and a likely second trip to the White House.

With this in mind, intelligence sources say that Trump is already in the cross-hairs for elimination, with the media setting up the cover by constantly referring to the anger in various sections of the population against Trump. Said one source: “Few people, the elite hope, would see their hand in some conspiracy, if Trump were bumped off by some radicalized Hispanics or feminists, for example.”

“If Trump wanted to protect himself,” another source says, “he should make a statement now that would say, ‘If someone kills me, don’t fall for the cover story.’ Don’t fall for some Lee Harvey Oswald type patsy or a group of such people. Look to the intelligence services in this country and NATO, not to the Russians or Chinese. And make them pay for what they are doing to this country.

“The same holds should Trump die suddenly. His health is great. The fake media would go nuts and call him paranoid. But he could royally screw up what must already be in the works.”

There is also a growing section of the Establishment that also wants to move on from Sleepy Joe. “But with Biden, you don’t need anything so extreme. One fine morning, what if he just doesn’t wake up? Who would question that?”

It would be a mistake to merely look at such potential operations as only about the elites’ view of the candidates. There is a deeper and more dangerous game afoot, a product of the larger threat to the continued existence of the ruling order. For the first time ever, there is a real challenge that threatens the continued existence of this trans-Atlantic based ruling elite that the elites disdainfully refer to as the “Third World,” which has for centuries been their preferred looting ground.

But, led by China and Russia, these nations which constitute more than what is called the Global South represent the greatest potential economic power on Earth, and they are demanding to be treated with respect for both their sovereignty and economic power. These are truly revolutionary ideas, that are being put forward at the moment when the entire trans-Atlantic dominated global economic system is at a point of obsolescence, expiration, and collapse, brought on the rapacious looting policies of the relatively small financial and political elite who run the show.

The key to the survival of this elite, or at least to their ability to prolong their empire of looting just a bit longer, is to prevent the revolutionary tendencies that survive within the American republic, and through the use of the potential of the most powerful executive body in the world, the American Presidency, from aligning with and helping bring into being this new global economic order based on development and cooperation for the benefit of everyone—except this corrupt and decadent elite.

Rather than chance that happy event, the decadent elite would rather destroy the United States, plunging it into a cycle of violence and chaos, finally reversing the effects of the 250-year-old revolution that defeated the then most powerful empire on the face of the globe, the British Empire. It is heirs to that defeated decadence of oligarchs and royalists, and their present allies in the slimy financial empire of the City of London and its Wall Street satrap who would unleash the chaos and violence that would ensue with an assassination of Trump, and other similar interventions in what the media calls “our political life.”

“There is a lot at stake here,” said the source. “You could lose the whole damn country in this election cycle. But not in the way either of these two presumptive candidates talk about the election. A friend of mine allowed that the Biden speech sounded like a Nuremberg rally. Well, that’s stupid. Hitler would have been ashamed of the comparison. It was more like a Mel Brooks parody of a Nuremberg rally. But the intention of some people to destroy this country is no joke.”

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