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Stop the Stupid Nitpicking, Save Lives in Gaza!

March 24—As the posturing continues at the UN Security Council, the clock is ticking on the Butcher of Gaza, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu’s plan to unleash the Israel Defense Forces onto the last enclave of human life in Gaza, the beleaguered city of Rafah, with its more than 1 million inhabitants swelled by refugees displaced from the rest of Gaza. This is the final point, the final solution of Bibi’s unstated scheme to render all of Gaza uninhabitable for years to come, hoping that plans for a Palestinian state are buried under its rubble.

The Council is expected to vote on a new ceasefire resolution on Monday, submitted by Algeria and other Council members, that is more direct and unambiguous than the one submitted by the United States which stated that the Council merely saw the “imperative” for an immediate ceasefire. That Resolution had 11 votes in favor, only to be vetoed by Russia and China.

The delegates for those nations and Algeria continued to rant that the United States was giving support and cover to Israeli genocide, which while true in the past, clearly is not true any longer, sources report, as even President Sleepy Joe Biden finds Bibi an “asshole” who threatens his already poor chances for re-election, especially if the slaughter in Rafah proceeds, as Bibi plans. The White House was known to be behind the stinging attack on Netanyahu from the Senate floor two weeks ago by the leading Zionist loudmouth in Congress, Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.), the Senate Majority Leader and the highest ranking Jewish political figure in the country; it termed Bibi a threat to the continued existence of Israel, and called for new elections to oust him.

Sources say that the Russians and Chinese were upset with the language in the U.S. Resolution that condemned the Oct. 7 terrorist attack on Israel by Hamas operatives, that slaughtered 1,200 innocent Israeli citizens and took nearly 250 hostage, of which 100 are thought to still be alive and held by Hamas. The Resolution called for their release and for the release by Israel of Palestinian prisoners, but stopped short of making the ceasefire contingent on this.

“Russia, China, and the foolish Algerians seemed more interested in scoring points against the U.S. then in halting the bloodshed,” said an intelligence source.“That was stupid—they should have joined ranks with the U.S., taking them at their word on the ceasefire and then demanding that it be implemented. That would have had a major effect on the talks being held in Qatar and could have helped force a deal that would have stopped Bibi at the gates of Rafah. He claims that he will defy the whole world, the U.S. included, but there are people in Israel who are ready to lower the boom on him. They want the war stopped and the hostages returned. Netanyahu is willing to sacrifice the remaining hostages for his greater goal—making Gaza uninhabitable for years to come and ending all hope of a Palestinian state. The goal has to be: Stop the butcher and get rid of him. That’s the only way to save lives in Gaza, the only way to get massive aid in.”

Monday represents another chance to move this process forward. Now, the focus turns to the United States, which is working for a ceasefire result in the talks in Qatar. To emphasize this, Biden has personally dispatched his most able and senior diplomat, the Director of Central Intelligence William Burns, to the talks with the mission to get an agreement by Monday.

If that does not happen, then the U.S. should act for the greater good—for the people of Israel and Gaza alike, as well as for the region and the world—and support the new ceasefire Resolution. And Russia and China and some of the Arab nations (who are not, by the way, all represented by Algeria, as its UN representative claimed, as Egypt, Qatar and the Saudis are said to have supported the U.S. Resolution) should stop protecting Hamas, who, according to many reports—not from Israeli or U.S. sources—have lost the support and trust of the majority of those still alive in Gaza, who never supported the Oct. 7 attack, who correctly saw it as a futile and useless gesture that merely gave Bibi a pretext to slaughter Palestinians.

Something other than deadlock needs to come from the UN Security Council on Monday to stop Bibi at the gates of Rafah. There are reports that some in the Biden White House have said, if Bibi does attack Rafah, he should be tried for crimes against humanity like the Nazis. Why wait? Why not tell him that now. Let the President do more than scream and rant against “that asshole.”

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