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Why Bibi Will Move on Rafah

March 23—The bloodthirsty butcher of Gaza, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, will not be deterred from his plans to have the Israel Defense Forces move into and flatten the last Gazan city standing, Rafah, with its 1 million population swelled by refugees displaced from the rest of the country. But the attack will have little to do with Bibi’s stated intention to destroy what he claims are two remaining battalions of Hamas so-called fighters, and more to do with his unstated, but obvious plan to render all of Gaza uninhabitable by human beings.

That is the opinion of many intelligence sources and of several journalists, who at great risk to their own lives, have travelled into the killing field of Gaza to bring back images of death and destruction in what can fairly be described as Netanyhau’s Nazi-like extermination of the means of human existence in Gaza.

They describe a sense of terror and disgust at witnessing entire cities and towns in ruins, as if flattened by a deadly earthquake, with thousands of bodies buried under tons of debris.

Most of Gaza has been wiped off the face of the Earth, one European TV journalist reported. What was most sickening was to see human beings reduced to walking corpses, waiting to die from starvation, dehydration, or disease, while children with hallowed eyes and faces tried to play catch with stones. The smell of death and hopelessness was in the air nearly everywhere he went, until he got to Rafah, the last remaining human settlement in this sea of destruction.

“That is why I know this Nazi will attack that place, crowded with what remains of the Gazan population, living literally within site of Israeli tanks that are outside and surround the city,’’ he told me. “He has destroyed everything else. His plan demands that he destroy Rafah.”

“This war is not about Hamas,” he continued. “It is not even about the events of October 7. Among those Palestinians that remain, and can speak, there is little support for Hamas. ‘What did Oct.7 accomplish?’ I was asked. I was told, ‘Nothing, but to give Israel a reason to kill us all. Hamas can’t defend us. They hide in tunnels, and leave us to die. Who will save us? Who will stop the killing?’”

“The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) cannot possibly handle this humanitarian disaster,” he stated, “even if the Israelis would let them. They are simply not equipped to do so. You will need a massive logistical effort of the type that is only present within military capabilities, including the U.S. military—something that could bring medical facilities and care, sanitation, and especially food and fresh water, and means to distribute it in absolutely massive amounts. Otherwise, you are talking about mass death—in the hundreds of thousands—as is already certain, even if somehow Bibi the Nazi is stopped at the gates of Rafah.”

If the war can be stopped, Netanyahu can be gotten out of the way, and hopefully tried for crimes against humanity, then, Gaza will need not to be rebuilt, but to be built up according to a new plan to make human life possible and prosperous. That future plan is contained in the proposal being circulated worldwide by the Schiller Institute, called The Oasis Plan for regional cooperative development, first formulated more than 50 years ago by the late American statesman and physical economist Lyndon LaRouche.

But, right now, the need is for emergency measures to save human lives. Beyond that, we must realize the the current population of Gaza is really not physically able to take immediate part in its own rehabilitation. We need to save as many as possible, and we must consider implementing what is Natanyahu’s worst nightmare, Operation Return—an internationally funded and coordinated effort to bring millions of Palestinians back to Gaza and the occupied territories from among the 14 million diaspora that have fled the region since 1948. These new pioneers will help in the rebuild and in the construction of a new Palestinian state.

That would be a fitting outcome that would honor the memory of those who have been slaughtered by the Hitler of Gaza, Bibi Netanyahu.

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