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Zelenskyy, Ukraine War Stumble Toward Their End

March 10—The bloody slaughter that is the NATO war against Russia on Ukrainian soil, with Ukrainian soldiers dying in unprecedented numbers because their (former clown) leader, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy refuses to admit his defeat. But things are pointing to an end to the war and an end to the political career of the NATO puppet Zelenskyy, hopefully before he and his lunatic inner circle of Nazi-supporters have a chance to provoke a nuclear war between the U.S./NATO and Russia.

A leaked intercept of a conference call between two top German Air Force generals and two staff exposed insane plans, which are known to be backed by Zelenskyy, for a drone attack to destroy the Crimean Bridge which joins the Crimean Peninsula and mainland Russia across the Kerch Strait, and is therefore in Russian territory. The planned attack requires Germany to provide the Ukraine with Taurus Cruise Missiles, which Zelenskyy has begged for, and which the German leadership has thus far refused to send.

Such a proposed attack demonstrates the desperation of the current leadership of NATO and the Ukraine, as it would have no real effect on the outcome of the war, according to intelligence experts, while it would certainly provoke a response from the Russians, whose leaders, commenting on the proposed attack, have suggested launching similar attacks on bridges in Germany.

For some time now, Western leaders, including in the NATO command, have known that the war cannot be won by Ukraine, even with NATO backing; that Russia has defeated them despite the massive influx of weapons from NATO. In his March 7 “State of Disunion” speech, President Joe Biden literally shouted his support for the Ukraine in its fight to “save Europe from Putin,” but sources close to the White House have reported that even the slow-witted President knows the war is lost.

Biden has reportedly urged the Ukrainian leader to seek a diplomatic settlement, to which Zelenskyy replied that he would not even consider this until the White House delivers the more than $60 billion in arms and cash the Ukraine needs both to continue to fight and to pay off its corrupt government; there is little or no prospect of that money and materiel materializing any time soon. Congress has blocked the package now for more than five months.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, despite his rhetoric to the contrary, has also signaled a willingness to find a solution to end the fighting. He was known to have quietly given his blessing to back-channel discussions between Russian and Ukrainian military leaders regarding a peace agreement. That process was dealt a blow last month when the U.S. State Department’s leading Ukraine handler and anti-Russia freak, Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland, visited the Ukraine Jan. 31, supposedly to pressure Zelenskyy to move for a settlement, and instead helped the puppet President oust his commander of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Gen. Valerii Zaluzhnyi, who supported the negotiations.

Putin, while talking tough, and warning the war hawks about “red lines” and not to underestimate Russian resolve if attacked, etc. has also said in several locations, including in his interview  with journalist Tucker Carlson, that even at this late date, he still hopes for some signs of sanity from the West that could lead to a diplomatic solution.

Then, suddenly last week, came the announcement that Nuland was retiring from her new Under Secretary post at State that she had lobbied so hard to get. Sources report that she was asked to leave. “This was no doubt a message to Putin, most directly, and it may have also shaken things up in Kyiv, said a source. “Nuland was the Bitch of the Ukraine.” (Not to exaggerate what is happening here, Nuland was among the leadership of the "Get Putin, Get Russia" delusional hawks in the Biden Administration; her ouster may signify a shift, not necessarily towards sanity, but away from Russia, to a concentration on an equally insane confrontation with China. Sources report that such a shift is taking place within the broader elite which Nuland serves.)

At the same time, there have been calls for an end to the war from some unexpected sources: top neo-con Steven Bryen, a Bush operative and former Under Secretary of Defense (and a leading loudmouth promoting confrontation with China)  as well as Erik Prince, the founder of the Blackwater (now Academi) the leading U.S. based private army-for-hire outfit.

This was followed by an extensive report, “Document from 2022 Reveals Putin’s Punishing Terms for Peace,” in the March 1 Wall Street Journal (another platform that call for confrontation with China) on the April 2022 peace agreement between Russia and Ukraine that would have ended the war, but was sabotaged by intervention by NATO, in the person of then British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

This in turn was followed by a March 5 editorial, supporting a similar track, in the top Establishment policy platform, Foreign Policy. It was titled, “How to Pave the Way for Diplomacy to End the War in Ukraine.”

Just two days ago the Ukrainian President announced that his rival, the ousted military commander Zaluzhnyi has been appointed Ambassador to the Court of St. James, the official court of the Sovereign of the United Kingdom. While the press both in the Europe and U.s. was quick to pounce on this as a political maneuver by Zelenskyy to get his chief rival out of the country, with Presidential elections scheduled for May, other sources report that the posting might give Zaluzhnyi a chance to revive the backchannel discussions in London that were reportedly to be close to an agreement when he was fired.

“One way or another, this war has got to come to an end,” said a source in the United States. “The slaughter is enormous, and it is costing the Ukraine people dearly. The idea that it also hurts the Russian economy, while it is true, that it diverts funding from where it is more needed, will not alter the outcome: At a great price, and at a great sacrifice Russia has defeated NATO. If the guys over at NATO don’t want to accept that, and seek the best possible deal, then their alternative is not even the lunatic raving of [French President Emmanual] Macron about putting NATO soldiers in the war zone. The only alternative is to go nuclear. That is real insanity—which, hopefully, a sufficient faction in the Western elite see as suicidal folly.”

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