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US on Alert for Major Terror Incident

April 29-- Well informed sources report thar U.S. intelligence agencies are on what is considered a high alert status for a major terrorist incident occurring within the borders of the continental United States. While they reportedly have no specific information regarding potential targets, the agencies are looking to an incident on the scale of 9/11 or bigger the sources report. The culprits, they say, would be any of a number of Arab or Iranian linked groups who will justify the attack as a response to U.S. support for Israeli Prime Minister "Bibi" Netanyahu's genocidal war in Gaza and the recent American veto of Palestine's full membership in the United Nations.

But these same sources say that despite the alerts credible pretext, another scenario is more likely in play. The real potential is that the Anglo NATO powers might themselves be planning to orchestrate a major terrorist incident here to create the basis for a wider war in the Middle East, while justifying greater domestic surveillance and police state measures--neither policies that an increasingly angry and distrusting population would tolerate.

"Think of this as a real deck scrambler which could be sold to frightened people," said a source. "This is the same strategy that was in play with 9/11. No one has yet discovered what really happened with that event but sane people, with now some distance, know that it could not have taken place without the connivance of higher ups in the military chain of command, with (former Vice President Dick) Cheney running what amounted to an effective coup. The point is that it could have and should be stopped but somehow it was let to happen because it served the insane interests of Cheney and company, and the clash of civilizations idiocy of the related Brzezinski-(Samuel) Huntington crowd. And they used to set up the current surveillance state here and unleash two decades or senseless and endless wars that serve the interests of the military-industrial complex.

"The same kind of strategic lunacy is afoot today," the source continued. "I am stating that if there is a major terror event here look to people in Washington, London and NATO as the instigators and go after them. Don t fall for the lies about Arabs, Iran or even Russia and China. Yes, people are that crazy and we have a weak fool for a President."

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