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Biden Told: End Gaza Genocide or Lose Election

April 30—President Sleepy Joe Biden has been told by his most trusted political advisors that he needs to immediately end Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin "Bibi" Netanyahu's bloody genocide against Palestinians in Gaza or face certain defeat in the November election.  Sources close to the White House say that if the butcher Netanyahu orders the Israel Defense Forces to launch their long-expected assault on Rafah, Gaza's last standing city crowded with more than 1 million defenseless inhabitants, well more than half of which are women and children, Biden will share the blame in the eyes of most of the world, and most importantly among young, prospective Democrat voters, whom the dithering President desperately needs if he is to have any chance of defeating his prospective GOP opponent, former President Donald Trump. The order for the Rafah assault may be given as soon as tomorrow, at the end of the Jewish Passover observance, several sources have reported.

"The upsurge of protest against the Gaza genocide on campuses across the nation signals political doom for Biden," a Washington-based analyst explained. "Stupid Democrats, as well as their press flacks, have tried to label these kids as anti-semites and mobilize against them as Jewish-hate. This is idiotic. The vast majority are merely young people disgusted by a war of genocide against the Palestinians, as most people and even governments around the world recognize, while Joe Biden refuses to say this. Instead, his government sends arms to Bibi, despite the President's very real dislike of Netanyahu. And these kids, which some of his people call 'Jew haters,'  a large number of them are Jews, coming from families of Democrats, which if his people bothered to check, support what the kids are doing.

"Biden's electoral strategy depended on mobilizing precisely this same demographic—young voters-- and turning them out it mass to vote against Trump, who is portrayed as a dangerous right winger, who is against women and minorities," the source continued. "And now, this same group is out in the streets calling Joe Biden "Genocide Joe" and making plans to lay siege to Democratic Convention in Chicago over his support for Israel's bloody rampage and his opposition to UN full membership for the state of Palestine. He was already going to have a problem with this demographic caused by the independent candidacy of Bobby Kennedy, Jr. Now, the situation can become hopeless for him. What he was told was that while these young voters will not vote for Trump, they will not vote for Genocide Joe either. They have grown to hate him.

" Time is running out for Biden and he has been told that,"  the source stated. ​"He cannot wait until after what will assuredly be a humanitarian disaster and slaughter in Rafah.  He needs to openly break with Bibi and halt all arms sales and shipments to Israel, call for an immediate end to the war, with the return of the hostages, as well as the start of serious negotiations to create a Palestinian state. He must ignore the shrill screams of the Zionist lobby here and some of his own advisors who want to spread the war to Iran. They have all but destroyed his Presidency and have wrecked his re-election chances. I am aware that he has authorized various quiet diplomatic moves to try to bring about a ceasefire. But these have been stymied for months by Bibi, or as he is called 'Nyet-tanyahu.' The back channels are useful, but they have not worked. He has been told that he must act,  but still he dithers. He looks for a way out, when he must cut that path. He may have already waited too long to save his re-election bid, but at least he can try to save more innocent lives. 

"Will he act?" the source asked, in conclusion, "I don't know. He has to realize that despite what the lunatics and racists in the Zionist lobby here say, the only way to save Israel and create a durable peace, is to reject Bibi's 'peace of the graveyard,' and end this war now and move towards the creation of  a Palestinian state. The U.S. and its President can do that."

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