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Diane Sare Addresses Forum in New York City on Voter Fraud

Jan. 24—LaRouche independent candidate for the U.S. Senate from New York Diane Sare was invited as a featured speaker at a forum on Election and Voter Fraud, Jan. 20, co-sponsored by the New York Young Republican Club Black Caucus and New York Citizens Audit.

A palpable deep respect and admiration for Sare, and her independent campaign against the incumbent, Democrat Kristen Gillibrand, was manifested by all present, including candidates and former candidates for Congress, City Council, and state Senate, as well as other community activists. Indicative was the moderator, Josephine Aronson, who introduced Sare, to applause from the audience and other speakers, describing her as “our next U.S. senator, always speaking for peace and against war. She’s a powerhouse; she’s very poised, but she’s a pit bull, with lipstick.

Sare prefaced her in-depth 15-minute presentation on the blatant electoral fraud suffered by her Sare for Senate 2022 campaign to unseat the incumbent Senate minority leader, Democrat Chuck Schumer, by asserting that her authority on the subject of vote fraud and her ability to stay in the fight derives from her 35-year association with the late statesman and physical economist Lyndon LaRouche. Sare referenced the LaRouche movement’s well-documented exposé of the “dead voters” fraud in the 1976 Presidential campaign that gave the election to Democrat Jimmy Carter.

Using slides, Sare then proceeded to document with screen shots of official statistics showing that, overnight, her votes were swapped with blank votes, dropping her statewide total of 51,554 to 25,707.

Perhaps most important was Sare’s explanation of why the oligarchy so blatantly and publicly commits such crimes. Nazi Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebbels infamously said that if you tell a lie often enough, people will believe it. Referencing the LaRouche movement’s work on the social philosopher Leo Strauss and the neocons, Sare described the conscious method a dictatorship uses to control a subjugated population: tell a lie that everyone knows is a lie, and then make them feel powerless to fight it. When people decide they are powerless, they become demoralized, and give up. “But,” she said, “because of my work with LaRouche over all these years, I knew what I was in for and therefore tried to prepare everyone as best I could.” The enemy’s lies directed against her campaign, including being denied honest, fair, and full coverage in the media, “essentially failed to demoralize my volunteers,” as demonstrated by those who are still with her in her presently growing 2024 campaign. “But, we’re never going to get anywhere, until we clean up this mess.”

Following Sare’s presentation, other former candidates spoke about the corruption they had experienced, primarily at the polling places on Election Day, which were amazingly egregious, from literally handing out money at the door, to candidates entering the polling place and stepping behind the curtain to “assist” voters, to dozens of boxes of filled-out ballots being discovered in the pantry of a public housing complex and being told by the New York Police Department, “You can’t do anything about this; it happens all the time.”

Marley Hornik, Executive Director of New York Citizens Audit, spoke at the end of the forum, presenting slides of statistics showing electoral fraud. Hornik conducts weekly meetings in which the participants read the election laws.

The 15-minute video of Sare’s presentation is available on her campaign website, whence it can be viewed and shared.

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