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New York Magazine Covers Diane Sare’s Intervention at the Three Presidents’ Glitzorama: ‘You’re All Out of Your Minds!’

March 31—The New York magazine posted an article March 29, covering the March 28 glitzy fundraiser with Presidents Clinton, Obama and Biden at Radio City Music Hall, in which the article opens with the intervention against nuclear war danger made by Diane Sare, Independent candidate for U.S. Senate from New York. Some $25 million was reportedly raised, but any controlled-environment campaign mood anyone was foolish enough to imagine existed, has been permanently broken. Headlined, “Will Biden’s Star-Studded, Triple-President Radio City Unity Blowout Bring His Party Together?” the article was authored by Shawn McCreesh, a features writer, who had earlier posted a video of the intervention on his X account. Though Sare was not named, a link to her X account post was given. The article begins (capitalization in the original).


It was shortly before 9 p.m. last night, and a 58-year-old anti-war activist who’d paid $1,000 for her seat near the stage at Radio City Music Hall was yelling at Stephen Colbert and the three Democratic presidents, Biden, Obama, and Clinton. They were on stage, in the middle of answering one of Colbert’s softball questions, about whether it’s actually enjoyable to live inside the White House. Bill Clinton (who says it is) paused briefly while the woman tussled with security. As they frog-marched her past where I stood with the rest of the press, she turned back and screamed one more time, “YOU’RE ALL OUT OF YOUR MINDS!” 

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