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Russian, American Security and Intelligence Analysts: Will the Trail of the Crocus Terrorists Lead to the Anglosphere?

March 28—Alexander Bortnikov, the head of Russia’s domestic intelligence agency the FSB, indicated the possible involvement of the U.S., Britain and Ukraine in the terrorist acts at the Crocus City Hall. Bortnikov said that the actions against Crocus were “prepared both by the radical Islamists themselves and, of course, facilitated by Western special services, and Ukraine’s special services themselves have a direct connection to this.”

What might this mean? Scott Ritter, former UN weapons inspector, United States Marine Corps intelligence officer, and military analyst, in conversation with Judge Andrew Napolitano on March 26, said: “First of all, let’s start with the following foundational thought— that Ukrainian intelligence, especially the GUR, their military intelligence, is a total construct of the CIA and MI6, of British intelligence. It has been completely revamped and re-worked since 2014. The New York Times has written an article that touches on this subject—the relationship between the CIA, MI6 and the GUR since 2014. There’s nothing that happens in the GUR that isn’t known by, approved by, and coordinated with the CIA or MI6. So we need to start with that foundational principle.”

That, however, proves nothing in itself. Ukraine has become the place of residence for many terrorists eager to fight Russia, as well as ISIS administrators. One individual pointed to in coverage by RT, was Rustam Azhiev, a Chechen who had fought in the Russo-Chechen war, and then fled to Türkiye. He then moved to Syria, where he headed up the terrorist group, Ajnad Al-Kavkaz, fighting against the Syrian Arabic Army and conducting terrorist operations against civilians. When the Russian Army and the Syrian Arabic Army began liberating territories controlled by the terrorists, Azhiev and his cohorts simply began dealing in organized crime, contract killings and the like.

In 2022, Azhiev was approached by Ukrainian intelligence services through an intermediary, field commander Akhmed Zakayev. Azhiev took part in operations against the Russian Armed Forces, and was given a Ukrainian passport. This year, Azhiev and his terrorists participated in the recent incursion against the Russian city of Belgorod, near the Ukrainian border, in order to destabilize the situation as Russians prepared to vote for President over March 15-17.

This whole issue of Ukraine/“Islamist” connections became a discussion in the European press at the beginning of this year. There was a planned terrorist incident that was to target St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna, probably during Christmas celebrations, that involved a Tajik network based in Ukraine. On the morning of Dec. 23, 2023, a 28-year-old citizen of Tajikistan and his wife were arrested in one of the refugee shelters in Vienna. Soon their accomplice was also arrested in Germany. Terrorists planned to attack St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna, carrying out a mass shooting of civilians and an explosion. A few days prior to that, a citizen of Tajikistan connected to IS had been arrested in Slovakia, also with plans to carry out an action in Europe. He also had entered the country through neighboring Ukraine.

The moral that should have been drawn 25 years ago, but was not, is that it is supremely stupid, reckless—or Satanic—to maintain, equip, train, finance and deploy “Brzezinski Islamists” for incursions into Russia, or any other part of the world—for example, the United States on September 11, 2001. Is the agency behind the Crocus attack, ultimately the same agency that operated on 9/11, leading to the unjust and disastrous Afghanistan and Second Iraq Wars? In the present investigation, the utmost care must be taken, both to not jump to conclusions, and to not cover up the truth.

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