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The Last Days of Zelenskyy

 Volodymyr Zelenskyy

Feb. 4—As the war in Ukraine heads toward a humiliating defeat for NATO and its agents on the scene and abroad, there is a sort of Passion Play taking place in Kyiv, which marks the end of the hold on power of NATO’s chief puppet, the Ukraine’s clown President, Volodymyr Zelenskyy. While some of the strange goings-on have been leaked to and spun by Western media and its talking-head pundits, we will attempt here to cut through the fog and lies and give some insight into what is actually happening.

First, the narrative that has been constructed around Zelenskyy, as the embattled little guy heroically standing up to the Great Russian Bear and its evil leader, Vladimir Putin, and organizing the defense of his country, has worn a little thin. The truth is that the war has long since been lost, as all but the insane Banderite neo-Nazis among the Ukrainians have quietly acknowledged. Their voices, however, have been drowned out by a relentless NATO and Ukrainian propaganda machine that claims that it is the Russians who are exhausted and near defeat if only Ukraine can find a way to fight on.

The other fact, known to all who are active on the internet, is that the Russians and the Ukrainians had agreed to a peace deal a little over a month after the Russian invasion began on Feb. 24, 2022—a deal tentatively agreed to by both Zelenskyy and Putin, with the latter initialing it. That deal would have had the Russians withdraw all their forces and would have allowed Donetsk and Luhansk, the two states in eastern Ukraine with ethnic Russian majorities (that have since joined the Russian Federation), to remain part of Ukraine in a federated arrangement. Under that deal, Ukraine would not be allowed to join NATO, but Russia would sign a non-aggression treaty and guarantee Ukraine’s border. The agreement also called for the disarming of pro-Nazi militias, which would include the notorious Azov Battalion.

But weak “tough guy” Zelenskyy was brow beaten by the UK’s thug-like buffoon Boris Johnson, then its Prime Minister, among other NATO creeps, to abandon the deal, and fight on. To emphasize this point: two members of the Ukrainian team that negotiated the deal were assassinated, reportedly by the neo-Nazis, who also fixed the Ukrainian President’s head in their sights.

The Blood on Last Days of Volodymyr Zelenskyy's Hands

The cost of Zelenskyy’s capitulation has been the loss of nearly 500,000 Ukrainian troops, with several hundred thousand more wounded, in this meat-grinder type war, where it is estimated by some intelligence sources that the Russians have also lost up to 75,000 troops. In addition, the country has lost a third or more of its land to the invaders, has seen much of its infrastructure destroyed or delimited. The Russians have tried to limit civilian casualties, but some reliable estimates (not from Kyiv, which is a highly unreliable source of statistics, for obvious reasons) put that figure as a little over 10,000, according to UN monitoring agencies.

The Ukrainian military, which has fought bravely, if uselessly, is being treated as a stage prop in this tragedy. Now, after a disastrous counteroffensive urged on them by the NATO and the U.S., which has supplied them with war materiel costing hundreds of billions in dollars and euros, the Armed Forces of Ukraine finds itself unable to field full units.

Said an intelligence source:

“Their situation is hopeless and has been for some time since Putin decided to correct his initial force commitment decisions, which had left the Russians undermanned for the job. Now the Russians are taking full benefit of their escalatory dominance (their supply lines for troops and materiel are much shorter than NATO’s, the principal supplier of weapons to Kyiv) and put up their force levels to do the job. From that point forward in late 2022, there was no possibility of even a stalemate for the Ukrainian military. They were being chopped up like so much horsemeat. Their real casualty figures are appalling. They were fighting on in a lost cause.”

Zelenskyy’s problems have been compounded by the failure of the Biden administration for over four months to get Congress to vote up the President’s $61 billion package of new aid for his government. Zelenskyy needs nearly $5 billion every month just to pay his soldiers and his government, as well as to make all the payments in a system of organized corruption that makes some people rich, keeps him in power, and keeps most Ukrainians in a poverty that is worsening with each day of war. While sources report that the U.S. has gotten some money through to the beleaguered Zelenskyy “under the table” via covert and private means, soldiers are going unpaid. And as that pattern spreads, so does the rate of desertion increase.

Said a source:

“I heard one report of a unit being ordered into the field. One of the soldiers asked, ‘Where is our money?’ and when no answer was forthcoming, he simply said, ‘Let’s go home!’ The whole unit threw down their weapons, walked away, and deserted.”

The Ukrainian Army Wants Peace

For some time now, four-star Gen. Valerii Zaluzhnyi, Ukraine’s Commander-in-Chief, and the most respected military figure in Ukraine, has recognized the hopelessness of Ukraine’s position. With the NATO puppet President refusing all admonitions to seek peace with Russia, Zaluzhnyi has, through intermediaries, been conducting peace negotiations with his Russian counterparts, laying the terms of a deal with honor. President Putin is fully aware of this back-channel process and has been kept abreast of its progress.

We have known about these negotiations for some time, but out of respect for the peace process, have not reported on this. However, the sometimes-foolish journalist Seymour Hersh was leaked information from U.S. sources about this, and in December broke the story on this back-channel peace process—perhaps the only way that peace can be achieved—which reportedly sent the little clown Zelenskyy into a rug-chewing fit, in which he vowed to “get” the leader of his army, whose popularity in Ukraine has soared, as the President’s has fallen to Sleepy Joe Biden levels (around 30%). Zelenskyy, it is reported by some sources, ordered the back-channel negotiations to shut down, but the General ignored this.

We now report what is really going on here. The word is that Zelenskyy, whose term expires in May, wants to extend the war further and cause additional casualties, in order that he might cancel elections and extend his rule, by decree. This news comes, as sources report, that the back-channel negotiations are close to reaching a deal that would end NATO’s war, whether NATO likes or not. The unanimous vote in the European Union on Feb. 1, and the war-supporting rhetoric surrounding it, to extend Ukraine an aid package of more than 50 billion euros over five years, show that some insane Europeans will be angry with peace breaking out.

“Perhaps all that money and more could better go toward a Ukraine reconstruction fund,” another source commented.

It is the desperation of Zelenskyy to block such a peace deal that is behind his maneuvers this week to get Zaluzhnyi to resign. When asked outright, and he refused to do so, Zelenskyy threatened to sack him—only to her that the man he proposed to replace him as Chief of Staff, Gen. Kyrylo Budanov, Chief of the Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense, telling his President that he had no interest in the job.

So, Gen. Zaluzhnyi remains at his post, pushing ahead with negotiations for peace. When such a deal finally is concluded, he will offer it to Zelenskyy to sign. Should Zelenskyy refuse, the General may ask for his President’s resignation or have him face removal by a coup.

Enter, The Undertaker

On Jan. 31, Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs, Victoria Nuland, who organized the coup overthrowing the popularly-elected pro-Russian government of Viktor Yanukovych in the Maidan “revolution” of 2014, she that set this whole deadly tragedy into motion, arrived in Kyiv, to deliver some bad news to the U.S.-NATO puppet President: the Biden Administration does not have the means to get the Ukraine aid package through Congress.

This fact may be the “kiss of death” for Zelenskyy, as, without that aid, Kyiv descends into every-man-for-himself chaos. Nuland, serving here as a ghoulish undertaker, may also already be there looking for Zelenskyy’s replacement: she reportedly still favors her old protégé, the former President Petro Poroshenko, even if most of the Ukraine long ago tired of his ineptitude.

Said another intelligence source:

“Nuland may have some other tricks up her sleeve. She is one nasty bitch. One could see her completely turning on Zelenskyy and orchestrating that, despite the best efforts of the U.S. and NATO. The clown President, known best for beg-pitching to fund ‘Ukraine’s victory,’ screwed everything up. It’s the blame game on steroids.”

The people of Ukraine, the people of the entire region, including Russia, deserve better than the clown show that is all that Zelenskyy is now capable of delivering. His days are numbered, which may mean that the days of this senseless, meat-grinder war, created by NATO through their Ukrainian assets, are finally coming to an end.

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