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Zelenskyy Officially Becomes Ukraine's Dictator

May 2—NATO's puppet President of the Ukraine Volodymyr  Zelenskyy​ has now officially qualified as that country's dictator.  While the NATO propaganda machine continues to portray this clown as "the great architect of his nation's glorious fight for freedom against the Russian invader, with the calendar turning to May, his term as President should expire, pending new elections, according to the Constitution. Little noted in the western media is that Zelenskyy has ruled that no elections can take place under the decree he has issued declaring marshal law, and the he, the great servant of his people will stay on as President for the  duration of that war, until "victory" is achieved.

Ukrainian opposition leaders dispute his claims, and have demanded that he submit to new elections. But with the new flows of billions of dollars in cash that were provided by the $61 billion aid package for the Ukraine that the Biden Administration, after months of delay, was finally able to ram through Congress late last month,  Zelenskyy and his cronies have the ability pay his corrupt police and domestic thugs who will surppress any opposition, as they have done in the past.

 But sources report that Ukraine's diminutive strongman has not been able quell dissension in the military, especially in the army, where raw recruits are being ground up at alarming rates in a war, which many of his generals know and have known for some time cannot be won. They report that there continues to be discussion in back channels between Russian and Ukraine military people about a peace plan, whose outlines have been known for some time: Russia keeps the Crimea and lands in the east, including in the Donbass that have become part of the Russian Federation, with the provision that any Ukrainians who might want to leave should be allowed to do so; Russia withdraws all its forces, except from those areas; Ukraine agrees to dismantle various neo-Nazi militias, some which the Russians have already militarily crushed, and not allow them to reform; Ukraine can maintain its military, a reduced levels; the borders of the Ukraine will be guaranteed by NATO, the United States, Russia and China; while Ukraine will not join NATO,  any attack on the Ukraine will be met with an Article 5 response from NATO and the guaranteeing powers. The Ukraine will rebuilt and its economy improved by a multinational development effort, that will involve the Western Powers, as well the BRICS nations, of which Russia and China are members.

Zelenskyy has refused to even consider such a proposal, and has the support of NATO, and recently the United States in continuing the senseless war, that has failed in its main objective to weaken Russia, and topple its President, Vladimir Putin. President Sleepy Joe Biden has wavered and dithered on the war, at first ordering his top diplomat, CIA Director William Burns to seek a settlement. Sources report that Biden was briefed on the conclusions of a secret CIA assessment that found Ukraine's military position hopeless, no matter what weapons and equipment it were sent by the U.S. and NATO. Even the deployment of NATO and U.S. troops, in large numbers (there are already such troops present in small numbers, some not wearing U.S. uniforms), would not insure a reversal of fortune, and would involve mass casualties; the same was true with used of NATO air forces. The report, sources say, indicated that such actions might provoke Russian strikes on the NATO homeland and could run the risk of a  general nuclear war.  Biden has rejected, so far, any proposed escalation involving NATO and U.S. forces.

These sources say that Burns found the Russian's very willing to negotiate along the terms outlined above. "This would have to be rammed down Zelenskyy's throat," said a source. "And he would make trouble, with the French and British, and make a stink in the jingoistic American media, which has treated him as hero. Biden would have to show some guts, which he just does not have. And here is where the political boys came it. They told Biden that he needs the war to continue, at least through the election, to take the 'who lost Ukraine' issue off Donald Trump's potential list of things to destroy Biden's presidency with. Trump knows the war is lost. He has told people that, but when Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La) met with him, he told him to let the Ukraine aid bill get through. That way no one could blame him for doing anything that would cause the inevitable defeat. Politics does not care a whit about the Ukrainian and Russian lives being lost. 

"If the U.S. would get behind a peace deal, this war could be over quickly," the source continued. "The Russians and Putin want to end it, but on reasonable terms for them. They have won, and they will not give back what is already part of Russia and they will never allow Ukraine in NATO. The non-corrupted elements in the Ukrainian military know their troops  are exhausted and want to stop the slaughter. But someone would have rough up that stupid little punk who is now Ukraine's dictator and who lacks any mandate from his people.  Biden should demand that he hold elections, and make the issue whether the war should continue. Then offer him exile in Miami, where he can roam around South Beach, wearing muscle shirts. If it takes that to end this useless and stupid war, then do it. If Trump were to win, he might do it, but by then hundreds of thousands more may die. Because you have this mini-Hitler, a Jew no less, in Kyiv, gumming up the peace works."

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