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Putin Weighs Options to Deal with NATO’s Insane Attacks on Russia

June 1—Russian President Vladimir Putin is calmly weighing options to deal with dangerously provocative NATO attacks on the Russian homeland using Ukraine as a cover, sources report.

Yesterday, President “Sleepy Joe” Biden, who believes it is in his political interest to keep NATO’s losing “proxy” war in the Ukraine going as long as possible, let it be known that he was reversing previously stated U.S. policy, and would henceforth allow Ukraine to use American-supplied weapons to strike the Russian homeland, but only at targets that might have some bearing on the battlefield in Ukraine. Sources close to the White House report that Biden rejected the advice of CIA Director William Burns to halt such provocations lest they trigger a severe Russian response, and instead went along with the State Department and Defense Department, venues currently dominated by flight-forward strategic lunacy.

“The official line that Ukrainians are the culprits in this fool’s dance is only propaganda,” said the source. “The Russians know, and Putin has stated, that while NATO’s puppet emperor of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy and his neo-Nazi entourage might desire these attacks, the orders for the deployment of such long-range weapons, the logistics required to site them, and their programing and fire control is all coming from and is being handled by NATO and its personnel inside Ukraine. Putin has made it perfectly clear that he holds NATO and the U.S. responsible, including for the recent attacks on Russia’s early warning system of over-the horizon radar. Biden’s actions yesterday means that more provocations are on the way.

“Under Russian doctrine, Putin could, as some analysts warn, respond with nuclear weapons, and he has used various sources to remind the crazies in the West of this,” the source stated. “But will he resort to first use over what has taken place so far? Not unless he believes NATO plans a full strike on Russia. For the time being,” the source says, “he does not believe NATO will do that.”

The war in Ukraine has been lost by NATO and its Ukrainian proxies led by the little Emperor Zelenskyy at a tragic cost to that nation: a loss of 20% of its territory, destruction of much of its physical infrastructure, and maybe as many as 700,000 military dead. The question now is how to end this, and get to a stable peace. Putin knows that this will not happen with Zelenskyy, who the West will urge to keep fighting, supplying him with weapons to do so.

Putin has started the process of de-legitimizing the little puppet, publicly stating that his continuing executive authority is enforced only by fascist thugs; his constitutional term as President ended May 20. Meanwhile, over the last several months, Russian and Ukrainian military figures have “secretly” engaged in negotiations on a peace deal, the outlines of which have been agreed to. It is this deal that NATO is shooting at now, to arrest its momentum.

“Putin is a cool character,” said the source. “He’s not going to blow this deal by falling into a NATO trap, if he can avoid it. He has a number of options to deal with the U.S. and NATO. He could hit NATO supply lines to Ukraine, attacking marshalling points for supplies across the border in Poland, or at some supply convoys inside Ukraine. He has not done this so far, because the supply convoys are handled by U.S. and NATO personnel. He can strike at various drone bases inside Ukraine, including their radar and targeting centers, but this also risks killing U.S. and NATO personnel. Or he could destroy parts of Ukrainian government facilities. I do not think he will strike, yet, at NATO bases linked to Ukrainian operations beyond Poland.”

Despite what the Ukrainians say, and despite what is portrayed in the Western media war propaganda machine, the source pointed out that the Russian war has been very limited. For example, most cities that are not in the battle-zones in Eastern Ukraine or were not housing Nazi legions, such as the Azov Battalion, have not been heavily attacked or attacked at all.

Nor have Ukraine’s farms been hit. “Ukraine has not been starved by Russia like the Israelis have done to the Palestinians in Gaza,” the source stated. “Nor have there been mass internal dislocations, except from areas in the East, which have been taken and are now part of Russia. Ukraine has plenty of food and other supplies, and is even exporting grain. Nor has there been any effort to destroy existing government centers, including in Kyiv.”

But this can change, if Kyiv continues to play the fool for NATO. It is in Kyiv’s interest to make a real and durable peace possible. That Putin is a patient man is clear, but his patience is not endless. Above all, Putin will not allow NATO to seriously threaten Russia.

The reality is that Putin does not need nuclear weapons to destroy NATO, but, as he and his spokesmen have made abundantly clear, if it comes to it, they will use everything at their disposal to defend Russia. They will not be bluffed or backed down. “Sleepy Joe” had better wake up to that.

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