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Secret Dem Polling Shows No One Beats Trump—So How Does the Establishment Deal with Him?

Jan. 21—Recent private polling in key battleground states, taken on behalf of the Democratic National Committee, shows that no potential Democratic candidate, including several not in the current field, such as Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer or California Governor Gavin Newsome, has a chance to beat former President Donald Trump, the GOP front-runner, in the November election. The poll also suggests that should President Joe Biden be re-nominated, no matter who he chooses as his vice-presidential running mate, he would lose in a landslide “of Alf Landon proportions,” according to sources, referring to the crushing defeat of the 1936 GOP nominee by incumbent Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

“This can’t be good news for the Democrats,” said a source, but it should not be surprising. “They have spent nearly eight years organizing attacks, impeachments, court cases and accusing him of every crime in the book practically, except trying to steal the Liberty Bell—and they may try that soon! They stupidly thought that this would make him unelectable. But they misread the American population. All they accomplished was make him the ultimate outsider—the man the political Establishment and their media wonks hate the most.”

"So, they made this billionaire the ultimate outsider—the anti-Establishment candidate," the source stated. "The American people hate the Establishment, which has miserably failed them, has wrecked their economy and their future, put us on the losing side in no-win wars like in Ukraine, and now with Biden’s open support for genocide conducted by the Israelis, they have spit in the face of the families of veterans who fought the Nazis in World War II."

The source continued: “Trump has a had core base of support of about 35-40% of the population, who freaking love the guy, but what builds a landslide is what I call the anti-Establishment vote, people who want to stick it to Wall Street and Washington insiders, and their talking heads. All their talk about finding a ‘stop Trump’ candidate only energizes the hatred of a growing segment of the population against them for their ‘liberal’ elitism. They have helped create their own worst nightmare. Serves ’ them right.”

But there is a greater danger, the source claimed:  “I know how this really works. The elite use electoral politics as their little game. They feed the masses candidates who they think are acceptable, who will play by the rules of this game, and do what the Establishment demands. They have always feared Trump, not for what he actually does, but for what he might do. If he could ever hook onto a program that might actually challenge the Establishment, he could really mobilize people behind it. So, they try to play games with him, to keep him in their game—like with the scare stories of an invasion of criminal aliens across our Southwest border.

“What if Trump proposed some big projects out West, or rebuilding our cities?" he continued  "What if he said, ‘Okay, we could use people who want to work, and let people come help?’And what if he also proposed that we, with all our know-how, agreed to help build up the countries these migrants are coming from, with agriculture, industrial development, and jobs? Like what the Chinese are doing. We say, ‘we will help you, and also work with the Chinese.’ Maybe then people will have a reason to stay put. Is this possible? With a guy like Trump, anything is possible, if not likely.”

It will eventually dawn on the Establishment if it has not fully already," he said, "that cannot defeat Trump at the polls come this November, “then they will consider stopping him by other means. That’s when they turn to bullets, not ballots. As I’m talking to you, I have no doubt there are some people out there who are working on a plan or even multiple plans to bump off Trump. this must be treated seriously. I am hopeful that Trump realizes this and takes precautions.”

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