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The Last Days of Zelenskyy—Take 2

Feb. 12—The sacking Feb. 8 of the popular Chief of Staff of the Ukrainian Army, Gen. Valery Zaluzhnyi by the embattled President Volodymyr Zelenskyy not only gives a freer hand to a potential rival but sends his nation into deeper chaos, from which neither Ukraine nor NATO’s puppet president are likely to emerge intact.

Intelligence sources report, that Ukraine can only survive if the President is removed from the scene, as one put it, “one way, or another.” While the Western media tries to portray the sacking as a necessary maneuver to assert the power of the Presidency over the military and a popular potential political rival, the reality, sources confirm, is that Zaluzhnyi and other military commanders have long ago done the arithmetic and therefore know that a victory over the Russian invaders is impossible and that continued fighting will only add to the more than 450,000 Ukrainian soldiers already slaughtered since the war began two years ago.

This brings into focus the recently concluded trip to the Ukraine, of the U.S. State Department's Vampiress in Chief, Victoria Nuland. Under Secretary for Political Affairs, Nuland, sources report, delivered some harsh words and difficult orders to the diminutive puppet President, who might now long for the simpler days when he was a television comedian. She told him that the Army Chief of Staff had to go now, as he opposed the continuation of war, which view was widely known in the U.S. Congress, where an aid package for the Ukraine of some $61 billion has been tied up now for more than 5 months.

Nuland, who set the slaughter and tragedy in motion in 2014 when she organized the Maidan coup against the elected nominally pro-Russian government, reported that the Biden Administration would make one last effort to push the funding through a reluctant Congress, tied to what was also becoming increasingly unpopular: military support for Israel’s genocide in Gaza. Zaluzhnyi’s firing would send a signal that Ukraine would continue to fight.

Nuland reportedly also demanded that backchannel negotiations between the Ukrainian and Russian military be shut down, which Zaluzhnyi had authorized months ago. It is not clear that either Zelenskyy or his new Chief of Staff, Col. Gen. Oleksandr Syrskyi have the power to do this. Syrskyi, whose parents are citizens of the Russian Federation, gained his reputation for being loyal to and carrying out the President’s orders by losing more than 100,000 men in the hopeless defense of Bakhmut. This insane and highly unpopular action was opposed by Zaluzhnyi, who correctly saw the battle as meaningless and indefensible from a military standpoint. It is reported that after that defeat and senseless loss of life and equipment, he opened backchannel peace negotiations with his Russian counterparts.

In his widely viewed interview with the journalist and commentator Tucker Carlson (which Zelenskyy has tried to block from internet showings in the Ukraine), Russian President Vladimir Putin once again reported that a March 2022 peace deal, which would have avoided the slaughter that has since taken place, would have left intact Ukrainian sovereignty. It would even have allowed Ukraine to maintain a limited military. This peace deal was agreed to and initialed by the Russians and Ukrainians, only to have Zelenskyy’s American and British masters blow it up. Putin reiterated to Carlson that Russia was open to negotiation but that it was the Ukraine and its NATO master who so far have rejected any pathway to peace.

While the talking heads of the Western media’s brainwashing and propaganda machine claim that there will be little or no response to the President’s sacking of his commander-in-chief, others are not so sure. This has led Zelenskyy to warn of a potential “Maidan 3” coup, which he claims would be organized by the Russians. But other, more sanguine sources say that there is growing anger over the continuation of what Ukrainians increasingly view as a hopeless cause. While Ukrainians will fight on and fight hard for their country if there is no other alternative, the majority believe there is such a pathway to peace but it is being blocked by the Office of the President and NATO, not by Russia.

And, while Zelenskyy might find some generals and the neo-Nazi militias, such as Azov, to support him, by using bribes of more power and pay, getting regular soldiers to fight on is another question, especially since most have not been paid, as money from the U.S. has dried up. There is also the question of a new mobilization to replenish depleted ranks, which will require digging deeper into the country's battered population.

Zelenskyy’s term of office expires in May and new elections must be held, preferably before that. Many Ukrainians, however, fear that the puppet President, backed by NATO, might delay or even cancel these elections until the war is over. Elections would almost certainly lead to his ouster, while blocking a vote would plunge the nation into greater chaos from which it might not emerge. “It is not a question whether Zelenskyy will be ousted,” said one source, “but merely when and how: by election, by popular uprising, or by military coup.”

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